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There are only a few shows at London Fashion Week that get me very, very excited every season. Not because they’re popular or because they have the best front row celebrities. No. I get excited because I really love to see what the designers come up with that season. Because the clothes and accessories are amazingly beautiful and I would like to buy the whole collection each season. There are only three shows that get me this excited. The Burberry show (though I haven’t seen a collection as beautiful as the AW12 one again which really gave me goose bumps), the Mulberry show (because of obvious eye candy bag reasons) and the Orla Kiely presentation.

I hadn’t been to an Orla Kiely presentation before, but I’ve been to the shop on King’s Road and immediately fell in love with the clothes. So when Orla did a collaboration with Uniqlo, I got a really beautiful dress which is now my favourite dress. It looks chic, reminds me of something vintage and is very comfortable – what’s not to love, really? And now I’ve seen the SS14 collection, I guess I’ll have to go and make a little purchase in the shop next year. I can’t not buy one of those stunning dresses!


The Orla Kiely presentation is something special every year. It’s a kind of Fluxus art, performance art. This year, Orla Kiely took us on a safari with her models. The girls were exploring the wilderness, catching butterflies, reading books and relaxing close to the camp fire while the catchy tune “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was playing. All of the girls were wearing berets and the bags they were carrying, shaped like animals, were super cute. The clothes also didn’t disappoint. Pretty shoes worn with knee socks and 60s dresses adorned with collars. Until next season, hopefully!















Petit Papillon



Dress: Lovestruck at Topshop

Shoes: Got them on a market somewhere in London

Bag: Topshop

Necklace: Lulu Guinness

Bracelet: Jeweller

Nails: OPI














D’avril Les Ondées Font Les Fleurs De Mai


I’m sorry I didn’t really have time to post anything new in the past few weeks. I spent some time in London again and the rainy and cloudy weather didn’t exactly do anything to brighten up my mood, so I guess I just had a little creative crisis. But – I’m back again with some sunny spring outfit pictures! And it was about time spring arrived!

Coat and skirt: Xanaka

Blouse: Miss Patina

Necklace: Vintage
















Lady Pink & Blue – Hair Chalking

Have you tried hair chalking? It’s a really good option to (temporarily) get beautifully coloured hair without dying it. Don’t know how to do it? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Get soft pastel chalks in whatever colour you like (I prefer pink, violet and blue). Don’t use normal chalk. It won’t work.

2. If you’re blonde, just add the chalk to your hair. Section and twist your hair while doing it. If your hair is darker, make your hair wet before adding the chalk (do so by sectioning your hair and use a water spray bottle to make it wet). Don’t wet your hair if you’re blonde or have fair hair, or maybe it’ll become permanently pink/red/green/coloured!

3. Try to wear something old while chalking your hair. There’ll be a lot of chalk dust…everywhere!

4. Afterwards, just brush the chalk out of your hair or, if that doesn’t work, wash it out.

Simple as that. The colour lasted a day in my hair, but it’s quite dark. It looked fabulous!

I Got My Red Dress On

The heading of this post is a line from Lana Del Rey’s song ‘Summertime Sadness’. I love this song, and the music video even more. It seemed fitting for this post, not only because of the red dress which is my new favourite dress, but because the song is about the summertime feeling and what happens when summer is over. Summer is my favourite time of the year and I don’t ever want it to end. The photos were also inspired by Lana Del Rey’s song. There’s this red light dancing in the corner of the music video which adds to the vintage feeling of it. As you can see, I used that too in my photos. I took them on a hill near the place where I grew up. A hill where I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my family and friends, where I came for picnics in the summer with my grandparents, and where I kissed my first boyfriend. The song ‘Summertime Sadness’ is just perfect for those memories and pictures.

The last few pictures were taken in Dresden, Germany, by a friend. They show me posing on stairs of a historical building and goofing around with my new phone case – which I love! I’ve been after this bunny ear case for about a year, and last week I finally found it..for £2! Yay!

Dress: my favourite vintage dress; Cardigan: H&M; Sunglasses: Chanel; Red bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Bracelet: Chanel

Wish Magazine – Everything You Could Wish For

A few months ago, in May, Carrie of wishwishwish.net told us a secret which had taken up a lot of her time during her last months at University. She and her ‘partner in crime’, Lucy of shinythoughts.com, had created a magazine. A magazine which is nostalgic, vintagey, stylish, dreamy, childish, creative, beautiful, British, timeless, lovely, exciting, and truly everything you could wish for in a magazine – Wish Magazine! I instantly pre-ordered a copy, which arrived yesterday after they had a few problems with the printing company at Wish house.

The 86 page magazine is full of breathtaking photos, vintage style clothes, shoes and accessories worn by beautiful models, lovingly drawn illustrations and calligraphy, a summer playlist, secrets by people from all over the world, a career quiz, a style section, a list of afternoon tea places you should try out, a poster, baking and a wonderful article about pen pals (…”about a time when chatting to a friend didn’t involve pressing ‘Enter'”). You simply cannot NOT love this magazine! As Carrie wrote in her Editor’s letter: “Wish allows space for dreaming, without bombarding you with advertising, unattainable price tags or unachievable body shapes. A true collaboration from girls across the universe sharing what they love best.” It’s not one of those magazines you can buy everywhere. It’s unique and full of love, made for ‘Early Grannies’ and people who don’t want to grow up.

Get a copy, a cup of tea and do nothing but reading this magazine for 3 hours while sipping tea..which is what I did. xx

Berlin Fashion Week – Toast&Jam Vintage Fashion Fair and Show

The Toast & Jam vintage fashion fair and show was one of the events I was looking forward to most. Now guess why! Right, because it’s VINTAGE fashion! I do have a thing for all things, vintage, old, very old..and Stone Age. Haha. No, but I love old stuff because I have the feeling there’s a great story behind every old dress, shoe etc. And of course they look nice! There were so many amazingly styled and dressed people at the vintage fair, I even felt underdressed.

With exhibitors such as Etsy, Veist Kleidergeschichten, Mayflower Vintage, Class of Berlin and Memory Vintage, everyone could find something to buy.

The show was the best at the whole Fashion Week in my opinion.

I love the shoes in the picture above!

Again: Great shoes!