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There are only a few shows at London Fashion Week that get me very, very excited every season. Not because they’re popular or because they have the best front row celebrities. No. I get excited because I really love to see what the designers come up with that season. Because the clothes and accessories are amazingly beautiful and I would like to buy the whole collection each season. There are only three shows that get me this excited. The Burberry show (though I haven’t seen a collection as beautiful as the AW12 one again which really gave me goose bumps), the Mulberry show (because of obvious eye candy bag reasons) and the Orla Kiely presentation.

I hadn’t been to an Orla Kiely presentation before, but I’ve been to the shop on King’s Road and immediately fell in love with the clothes. So when Orla did a collaboration with Uniqlo, I got a really beautiful dress which is now my favourite dress. It looks chic, reminds me of something vintage and is very comfortable – what’s not to love, really? And now I’ve seen the SS14 collection, I guess I’ll have to go and make a little purchase in the shop next year. I can’t not buy one of those stunning dresses!


The Orla Kiely presentation is something special every year. It’s a kind of Fluxus art, performance art. This year, Orla Kiely took us on a safari with her models. The girls were exploring the wilderness, catching butterflies, reading books and relaxing close to the camp fire while the catchy tune “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was playing. All of the girls were wearing berets and the bags they were carrying, shaped like animals, were super cute. The clothes also didn’t disappoint. Pretty shoes worn with knee socks and 60s dresses adorned with collars. Until next season, hopefully!















Burberry Prorsum AW12 Illustrations

The Burberry Prorsum AW12 show was hands down the best show at London Fashion Week. Fake rain and thunder, music by Marina and the Diamonds (‘Numb’) and a front row like no other. The collection itself is fabulous. It’s chic and playful and I love it! Which is the reason why I chose two of my favourite Burberry AW12 pieces to illustrate.

Original photos by ohdearhenry.blogspot.com

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…to Cabaret!

The last time I’ve acted in a stage play (or probably ‘Musical’ is a better word here), was 2 years ago, and ooh, how I’ve missed it! The hurricane of applause you get at the end of each show is worth everything: every tiring rehearsal, every little ‘What am I doing here?!’ thought, every time I got stage fright minutes and seconds before I went on stage with the others. It shows you that all of that was not for nothing and that the audience enjoyed the show. It’s like a huge wave of relief. I don’t play a lead character, which I’m, in fact, glad for, as they are so stressed out before each show that they’re near tears. I’m very happy, costume-wise, because I feel comfortable in my costume and it looks really cool, like some Cabaret girl from the 20s (which is, I guess, what it’s supposed to look like…).

We’re all backstage 3 hours before each show starts to get our hair and make-up done and the last person is ready about 5 minutes before it starts. We’re a team of about 90 people (first and second cast) and you have no idea what happens backstage in those 3 hours. Everyone runs around like a headless chicken, looking for someone or something who/which isn’t there! It’s mayhem, I tell you!

In the words of the ‘conferencier’:

“Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Fremder, étranger, stranger. Glücklich zu sehen, je suis enchanté, Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay!” xx