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My Selfridges Wishlist


This post is actually killing me. All the beautiful, shiny, new and expensive things I can only dream of. Sighhhh…. Every time I walk through Selfridges, I feel like I should spend all my money there. I have a thing for bags (well, more of an obsession, really) and accessories, and Selfridges is like paradise for me. If I’d list all the items that are on my wishlist, this would’ve been posted in about three years, so I only chose a very very very small part of my wishlist, including items by Mulberry (favourite brand!), Michael Kors and Stella McCartney.

1. Alexa grainy calf leather satchel: Oh, wonderful shiny blush beauty! This is my dream bag, and one day, I will buy it!

2. Willow leather wallet: And while I’m at it, I’m also going to get this beautiful nude wallet.

3. Heart purse: ….Aaand this cute heart purse. Or the valentine heart key ring.

4. Heart key ring: It seems like key rings are my new obsession. And this girly one would definitely be one of the first in my collection.


5. Jet-set extra small saffiano tote: The MK signature jet set tote and a real beauty of a bag, made of saffiano leather with a really cool colour.

6. Stretchy bead bracelet: In rose gold and for only 59 pounds! Does anyone have some spare 59 pounds…? Anyone??

7. Triple label blazer: A very chic and business-y blazer which I’d probably wear at work.

8. Floral skinny jeans: Yes, it’s a pair of jeans. And yes, I haven’t worn jeans for over two years. But I’d make an exception for these!

9. Embroidered lace dress: A very elegant dress, similar to one I already own. But you just can’t have enough dresses, can you? I love the material and colour!



Lulu Guinness – Burlington Arcade store & AW12

I had an appointment with Tiffany, the Burlington Arcade store manager, last Wednesday and she showed me around the shop, showed me the beautiful bags from the current collection and gave me a look book of the Cruise 2011 collection and the SS12 collection. The store has 4 floors, all of them full of amazing bags, collectables, purses and sunglasses. There also is a kind of meeting area on the upper floor where I could spot some ‘new in’ pink cases from Lulu’s luggage collection. As you may have noticed by now (chrm, chrm), I’m a big Lulu fan, so every time I enter one of her shops, my heart is melting and I can feel my purse begin to shake inside my bag. This time I was especially excited, because I was going to buy a lips clutch. It’s Lulu’s signature bag and if you love her bags and designs as much as I do, you simply have to get one!

The Burlington Arcade Store

 I also spotted this which is so cute! Have tea with style.

SS12 collection

AW12 collection

Lulu’s AW12 collections is named ‘Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover’ and was inspired by Audrey Hepburn as well as the many vintage book shops on Charing Cross Road. The collection is very book and library themed, which I love! I love books and libraries and love to escape into a different world by reading. The collection seems perfect to me! The AW12 collectable is the stack of books with Lulu’s favourite sayings and quotes. She also created the book bags in various colours like shocking pink with titles like ‘Dare To Be Different’ (my favourite!) and the Librarian Doll Face. Haircalf, snakeskin, leather and butter soft Italian nappa are the collections key fabrics and black, red and pink (my 3 favourite colours!) are the colours which appear most often in the collection. The collection is unique, luxurious and simply perfect!

My Handbag Make-up Essentials

The handbag is one of the most important items in every woman’s life – if you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about. It contains so many of our things we need daily/hourly/every few minutes: sunglasses, mobile phones, make-up, diaries, purses, basically half of our life (or at least a quarter).

My bag(s) (…I have over 20, call me obsessed!) usually contain(s) my Lulu Guinness mini frame purse and striped umbrella, magazines, at least one book, my phone, jewellery, sunglasses, tissues, my diaries, Oyster card, a sketchbook for little drawings and stories, perfume, my keys, mints and lots of make-up. In this post, however, I want to concentrate on the make-up essentials I carry with me in my bag every day. If I’m in a foreign country, on holidays, I usually also carry a map with me for exploring, and a camera to take beautiful photos of everything and everyone.

My daily make-up essentials are: a small bottle of Vivienne Westwood’s perfume ‘Naughty Alice’, golden eye shadow (L’Oréal Paris), classic ivory Fit me! pressed powder (Maybelline New York), Lèvres Scintiallentes lipgloss 107 (Chanel), Mediterranean Moonlight nail varnish (O.P.I) and Black Sapphire Volume Diva ‘Curve me Sexy’ mascara (Astor). The bag in the photo is my small Chanel 2.55, the best bag in my wardrobe (I loooooove Chanel!).

What are your make-up essentials? Which things do you carry with you in your handbags? And does the ‘Naughty Alice’ bottle somehow remind you of Ladurée? xx

Memories of 2011

2011 has been an utterly fantastic year for me. I’ve travelled all over Europe to amazing places and countries like France and Italy, and my little inner Shopaholic definitely got her money’s worth as shopping as something I did every single month of the year. I can look back at an absolutely wonderful and successful 2011 and look forward to a 2012 full of adventures.


I started the year, celebrating on New Year’s Eve with my family in Germany, which means I basically started the year eating. I started writing this blog in January and want to thank you for the 1,610 views it has so far. I also went shopping in Dresden in January. Otherwise it was a bit unspectacular and quiet in Jan.


A friend of me came to London and I went on a sightseeing tour with her, showing her the best places in London for shopping, relaxing etc. We ate sushi on the stairs in Trafalgar Square. I went shopping with a friend, a friend of said friend and the cute son of said friend’s friend. Frozen yogurt. Hampstead Heath. Shopping for a new purse at Lulu Guinness. Camden. Fantastic Victorian history photoshoot near Harrods, with champagne. Meeting Prince Harry. Going to Hamley’s with my friend (she wanted to move there). Primrose Hill walk.


Sitting at the lake near my parents house in Germany and watching frogs. First try to bake cupcakes. Cuddling with my bunny. Drawing. Beautiful sunset in Dresden. Drinking tea at Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe. ..And shopping.


Watching the Royal Wedding on the big screen and crying. Getting a Crystal Heart from Swarovski. Walking in the park. Eating dinner at a sea themed restaurant. And, of course, shopping!


Paris. Marvelling at the art in Montmartre. Having a fantastic view over Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower. Versailles. Walking through the garden of Versailles. Shopping at Louis Vuitton. Buying Karl Lagerfeld coke and seeing a huge replica of my little bottle in the Coca Cola museum. Seeing a wedding in front of the Eiffel Tower. Buying Minnie Mouse ears at the Disney store. Attending the opening of the Abercrombie & Fitch store on the Champs-Élysées (naked guys, yum). Bateaux mouches on the Seine. The Louvre. Eating cake in a tiny little café in a backstreet.


Visiting a friend in Berlin. Hotel Adlon. Bubble Tea in Berlin. Shopping in Dresden. Travelling to Prague. Seeing the Czech ambassador.


Seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in the cinema in London in 3D at 3am after coming back from Germany. Walking through London at 5am. Shopping in Camden and in Harrods. Lola’s cupcakes. In Richmond with the boss. Bubble Tea at Bubbleology in Soho. Lulu Guinness. Berlin Fashion Week. Shopping for hats in Berlin. Walking through the rain. Enjoying the sun in Camden. Gossiping with the boss. Buying my Chanel 2.55 bag.


Travelling with the car through Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia to Croatia (over 7 hours!). The mountains in Austria. Small streets in Italy. Sunset in Croatia. The yacht harbour. Eating ice cream every day. Staying at a great villa. Eating weird fish in restaurants. Seeing Jon Bon Jovi on his private yacht. Travelling with the yacht to Venice. Shopping at a shop which sold vintage Chanel in Venice. Pigeons on Piazza san Marco. Drinking a cappuccino in Café Florian on Piazza san Marco and paying 6€ for it. Diving in the sea. Sitting on the beach, enjoying every single minute.


Going to Prague again for research for my book. Drawing fashion sketches. Being at home in my bed.


Picking up cupcakes in West Hampstead, made by Karine of Ohlala Bakery. Shopping in Camden. Legally Blonde, the Musical at the Savoy Theatre. The Luxury Wedding Show at the Saatchi Gallery near Sloane Square. Catwalk. Vivienne Westwood. David Fielden. Candy Anthony. Amazing wedding dresses and cakes. Champagne. New Lulu Guinness bag.


Staying at a hotel in Germany for the weekend. Berlin. Spending a day in Tropical Islands near Berlin. Swimming in the ‘sea’ and the lagoon. Amazing flowers and animals. …And (what else) shopping.


A new nail colour every day. Spending Christmas with my family in Germany. Fireworks. Celebrating the new year with friends. Being overdressed at the New Year’s party. And…SHOPPING!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012!