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Give Me A Bit Of London & Southern France


I can’t believe I had never been to Topshop Oxford Street before! My last Topshop post wasn’t posted that long ago and was about a dress I got in the sale at Topshop Strand, but that was about the only Topshop I’d ever been in before. When Jaime (boymeetsfashion.com, one of my favourite bloggers) suggested meeting there in the EAT café downstairs, I had no idea how huge it really is. Five floors and about 90,000 square feet with clothes, a cupcake and frozen yogurt counter and a nail bar, a hair salon where you can bleach and colour your hair or get a blow-dry, and the EAT café. It’s their UK flagship store and, according to wikipedia, it’s the largest fashion store in the world! You can spend – at least – a day in there! On the same floor as the EAT café, lowest floor, they have the most beautiful dresses and skirts and blouses. I think they did that on purpose, as a reward for those customers who make it all the way downstairs without giving up before..

There’s a section, right in front of the café, with dresses and skirts by Jones & Jones. Said dresses are featured in this post. I grabbed about 10 of them as soon as I spotted them. I’ve been looking for dresses like these (petticoats, bows, period opulence) for ages (I think I was born in the wrong decade or even century). Thanks so much to the Jones sisters, who are inspired by London street style and Southern France opulence, for creating these pieces of art.