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New Year’s Eve and What to Wear

I have to admit I’ve most shamefully neglected this blog for the last few months, not because I don’t like blogging anymore, far from that, but because I’ve been so busy doing other things and I haven’t been in London since a while so there’s not much to blog about. As for outfit posts, there will be some new ones this year, as soon as I’ve found a good background other than my living room (as seen in many previous posts…). For now, you’ll have to live with these kind of blog posts – however, I’m sure you’ll survive. ūüėČ Oh, and before I forget it: Happy New Year 2014! (May it be better than 2013; at least for me.)

Here’s what I’d like to wear on New Year’s Eve:

mk chain dress

mk cardiganMichael Kors Chain Lace Dress and Studded Shoulder Cardigan (get yours at Selfridges)

polka dot bracelet blackMarc Jacobs Polka-dot Plaque Bracelet (also Selfridges)

Lily bag in redMulberry Lily Glossy Medium Goat Bag in Red

shoesMelissa Ginga Platform Mary Jane Shoes

Oh, and here’s what I actually ended up wearing (at least the colours are the same):


PS: Have you noticed how all the brand’s names start with an ‘M’?


LFW – The Street Style

There are a lot of people on the streets of London during Fashion Week every season. People with different styles and clothes. There are…

The Chic & Trendy


Photo by wishwishwish.net


Photo by florencefinds.com

stylogasmPhoto by stylogasm.com

The Cute:


Photo by cosmopolitan.co.uk


Photo by intrinsicallyflorrie.com

The Crazy:


Photo by mirror.co.uk


Photo by i-d-j.com

…and many other fashion types. I would probably wear¬†something inbetween all of those types. A bit of everything you could say. Something chic, something trendy, something cute and weird, something plain maybe. A simple black and white look,¬†a bow in my hair and a Mulberry bag on my arm. Here’s an outfit which you can shop at Selfridges. Something which I would wear to LFW.

Shirt dress   STELLA MCCARTNEY   Dresses   Shop Clothing   Women   selfridges.com

Stella McCartney Shirt Dress

Bayswater soft grain leather handbag   MULBERRY   MULBERRY   Brands   Brand rooms   Bags   selfridges.com

Mulberry Bayswater

Tom Binns Powder NecklaceTom Binns Necklace

Leather strap boots   VIVIENNE WESTWOOD   VIVIENNE WESTWOOD   Brands   Brand rooms   Shoes   selfridges.com

Vivienne Westwood Boots

D’avril Les Ond√©es Font Les Fleurs De Mai


I’m sorry I didn’t really have time to post anything new in the past few weeks. I spent some time in London again and the rainy and cloudy weather didn’t exactly do anything to brighten up my mood, so I guess I just had a little creative crisis. But – I’m back again with some sunny spring outfit pictures! And it was about time spring arrived!

Coat and skirt: Xanaka

Blouse: Miss Patina

Necklace: Vintage
















Snow White Blood Red


I, as well as a lot of other people,¬†thought it was March, but apparently we were all very wrong. It seems we skipped spring, summer and autumn and went straight back to winter. I’m not very amused by the whole thing as I’m going to fly to London again this Friday and I would appreciate it if my flight wasn’t cancelled due to heavy snow fall. On a much brighter side, I’ve never really seen London covered in snow, so I’m looking forward to it in a way. If I could choose next week’s weather however, I’d go for sun, and lots of it please!

I’d have loved to take these photos outside, but the weather’s not exactly better in Germany (although I can see the sun right now), and it’s pretty cold. What do you think of the hair colour by the way? I didn’t dye it (yet), but I reaaally want red hair! Do you think I should dye it that colour, or should I leave it like it is?

The blouse is from H&M, the skirt from Jones & Jones for Topshop (I did a blog post about them last month) and everything else I either can’t remember or it’s self-made (like the ‘LONDON’ statue).

Oh, and one more thing: I need spring!!!











Give Me A Bit Of London & Southern France


I can’t believe I had never been to Topshop Oxford Street before! My last Topshop post wasn’t posted that long ago and was about a dress I got in the sale at Topshop Strand, but that was about the only Topshop I’d ever been in before. When Jaime (boymeetsfashion.com, one of my favourite bloggers) suggested meeting there in the EAT caf√© downstairs, I had no idea how¬†huge it really is. Five floors and about 90,000 square feet with clothes, a cupcake and frozen yogurt counter and a nail bar, a hair salon where you can bleach and colour¬†your hair or get¬†a blow-dry, and the EAT caf√©. It’s their UK flagship store and, according to wikipedia, it’s the largest fashion store in the world! You can spend – at least – a day in there! On the same floor as the EAT caf√©, lowest floor,¬†they have the most beautiful dresses and skirts and blouses. I think they did that on purpose, as a reward for those customers who make it all the way downstairs without giving up before..

There’s a section, right in front of the caf√©, with dresses and skirts by Jones & Jones. Said dresses are featured in this post. I grabbed about 10 of them as soon as I spotted them. I’ve been looking for dresses like these (petticoats, bows, period opulence) for ages (I think I¬†was born in the wrong decade or even century). Thanks so much¬†to the Jones sisters, who are inspired by London street style and Southern France opulence,¬†for creating these pieces of art.










Outfit Post – Red Riding Hood on Primrose Hill


Primrose Hill is such a lovely place. It’s perfect for a little walk and a nice view of London, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot¬†one or two¬†celebrities in ‘London’s Beverly Hills’. Situated between Belsize Park and Camden Town, living in Primrose Hill is pretty convenient I guess. Quiet, lots of green spaces, lovely little caf√©s and shops. On my way from Camden Town¬†to Belsize Park (they have the best Starbucks ever there; cosy, big and not too many people!), I went to Primrose Hill for a little outfit shoot for my blog with a coat I got in Camden the day before. Thanks¬†to my friend Lisa for taking the pictures.

Usually you’ll find me in shops such as ‘Vanilla’ in Camden, not in the dark gothic stores along the High Street. But as my mission was to find a coat, I thought I’d have a look inside¬†because I’d seen some great coats on the website of ‘Hell Bunny’. And sure enough I found the perfect coat! It’s cute, in my favourite colour (red), with fur and buttons and bows. And it’s warm! I didn’t yet know that a coat can look so chic AND be warm..both at the same time! Amazing, isn’t it?! The dress I’m wearing in these pics is from Orla Kiely for Uniqlo.