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Ball Gown & Curls


The title says it all. I would say I’ve got nothing else to add, but then again I’ve always got something to add, so here we go…

My last few posts were a bit royal-focused (Marie Antoinette and so on), so I thought I should keep that topic up for a bit longer et voila, this post is what happened. I took these pictures on a 40°C day, which had one big advantage: as it was so hot, no one else was outside, so no one could see me running through the garden in this dress. Which I’m quite glad about. It prevented my neighbours from thinking I’ve totally lost it now. But I can assure you, I’ve felt completely and utterly comfortable. I was definitely born in the wrong century and nothing will keep me from pointing that out on every suitable occasion.


















Let Them Eat Cake – Versailles


“Qu’ils mangent de la Brioche!”, better known as “Let them eat cake!”                              This quote, supposedly said by Marie Antoinette (though there is no evidence she ever said that), is quite famous. And if you spent at least an hour of your life promenading through the Jardin de Versailles, the Grand and Petit Trianon, the Opéra Royal or the Château, or watching the film “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola, you immediately get a feeling that she might indeed have said something like that. Someone who lived in such a world of its own, like most Queens and Kings, so far away from the real life on the streets of Versailles back then, may have lost every sense of reality. When you enter the gardens or the royal château, you enter a different world. Even now, crowded with tourists, it feels as though you’re in a fairy tale. Sitting on a bench somewhere in the Bosquet de la Reine, away from the touristy path to the Grand Canal, it feels like you’re in a magical place and maybe, if you listen closely, you can hear Marie Antoinette laughing with her close friend, the Duchesse de Polignac…










The two pictures above were taken in the Bosquet de la Reine which I mentioned before. It’s a really lovely part of the gardens. Just walk down the stairs next to the Orangerie and then turn right. You’ll find it eventually…

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Let Them Read Books

It’s so much fun to do a photoshoot! I’ve done some professional ones, but it’s even more fun when you do make-up and styling and take the photos on your own. Unfortunately I don’t have any talented friends who can take pictures of my outfits, so I have to use the self timer, which is a real pain.

My favourite pictures during those photoshoots are the close-ups I can take of whimsical things like necklaces, shoes, Fabergé eggs or the bow on my over the knee socks.

Watching the movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ with Kirsten Dunst, I was inspired to do a Marie Antoinette – style photo post.

I’m wearing a 60s white wool coat, handmade by my grandma, a Vivi Fashion by Rocco Maccuro shabby chic dress, River Island over the knee socks, and a pink faux pearl necklace I recently bought.

Versailles – Le Roi Soleil et La Reine Dépensière

‘A TOUTES LES GLOIRES DE LA FRANCE.’ – To all the glories of France. And glorious it is, the grande Château de Versailles. Should you ever be in Paris, don’t miss the chance to see this beautiful palace only 30 minutes away from it! It screams splendour, pomposity and grandiosity. The golden gate invites you to walk on the tracks of Louis XVI, King of France and Marie Antoinette. The jardins du Versailles are not what we usually call a ‘garden’. It’s not even a park anymore! It’s more of one of the most beautiful … I don’t know what it is! There isn’t a word for it, and you know what I mean if you’ve been there. The Galerie des Glaces and the Petit Trianon are also something you simply mustn’t miss!

Above are some pictures of the golden entrance gate. Below  is a photo of me goofing around… 

Butterfly, Fly Away

I like to think that it’s almost spring again, with flowers (and love) awakening, a mix of beautiful pastels and pale shades of pink, red, blue and green, and the first butterflies of the year. In spring, I like to sit by a lake or in a park and listen to music. I imagine spring in the Jardin du Château de Versailles to be a wonderful experience, now and back in the time of Marie Antoinette. I went there in May, but it was very hot, like summer, so most of the flowers didn’t look very beautiful anymore. However, I don’t need to go as far as Versailles to see a beautiful garden full of the prettiest butterflies. I have one only 2 hours away from me which is open the whole year, even in winter. My friend loves butterflies and she has a conservatory with lots of exotic ones.