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Marvellous Macarons


Uhm, hi… I thought I should quickly stop by and convince you of my existence. No excuses for the last few months. Real life caught up with me, university, private life, and everything was a bit much. On top of that, I simply lacked the enthusiasm to blog anything at all. Anyway, here I am again, hoping that some of you may still remember me. Yes, I am that girl who occasionally travels to London in order to…do things and…be at places.

Earlier this year, I took my cousin with me when I travelled to “The Smoke” and we took a little trip to the Ladurée shop in Burlington Arcade. She had never tried macarons before and, needless to say, was marvelled by the beauty of the shop as well as the variety of macarons and their deliciousness. So we bought a lot of differently flavoured macarons and made a list according to taste and flavour which you will find below.




The Ultimate Macaron Taste List:

Vanilla: My favourite flavour so far. Very delicious and just the right amount of sweetness.

 Rose Petal: I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it. Sure, it does taste a bit like roses, but mostly it just tastes like soap and very artificial.

Chocolate: Very chocolatey, but for me, it’s too bitter. I also don’t like dark chocolate, so maybe that’s why.

Orange Blossom: Same like rose petals. Tastes like old perfume and very artificial.

Coffee: Very nice! It tastes exactly like it should…like coffee.

Coffee Caramel: In my opinion even better than Coffee, because the caramel adds a certain sweetness which I like.

Jasmine: It did taste okay, but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I guess.

Green Apple: Quite fruity and very much like a real apple. Thumbs up from me.

Lemon: It was okay, but didn’t exactly taste like lemon at all.

Raspberry: Exactly like raspberry, and also very fruity. I like it.







Carte Postale from Paris


As you may or may not know from Facebook and/or Twitter, two weeks ago I had the pleasure to spend some time in Paris again. I had managed to squeeze in a little trip there, sometime inbetween Berlin Fashion Week and job interviews in London. And what a wonderful idea that was! We had the most beautiful weather, although it was a little too hot for my liking. Not a single cloud on the blue sky every day – perfect for some Eiffel Tower climbing and bateaux mouches on the Seine!

The first day was spent mainly on the steps in the shadows of Sacré-Coeur. The “quartier” surrounding Sacré-Coeur goes by the name of Montmartre and is a lovely part of Paris with (expensive!) cafés  and the Place du Tertre, where Pablo Picasso lived back in the old days. I couldn’t help but feel at home there once again.

Other days included climbing the Eiffel Tower (okay, I admit it, I used the lift), bateaux mouches on the Seine, like every time I’m in Paris, and a long walk from the Arc de Triomphe along the Champs-Élysées, through the Jardins des Tuilleries (with a quick stop at Ladurée) towards the Louvre. So, here are mes impressions de Paris… Excuse my franglais.

The irony of this is that all the real postcards I sent from Paris either got lost somewhere or arrived after two weeks. But it was Bastille Day so I guess that’s why..


The Eiffel Tower…in case you didn’t know or see it…





















Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo

Think lips, kooky cats, cameo and doll faces et voilà, you get the limited edition Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo t-shirt collection!

On April 16th the collection launched online and in store. Only a few hours later some of the shirts were already sold out online. Two of them are still available though. Lulu is, as I pointed out, one of the best British handbag designers and my favourite designer. Lulu herself says about the collaboration: “I have always wanted to put my designs onto T-shirts, so when Uniqlo approached me about doing a collaboration I was thrilled. I have always liked the simplicity of Uniqlo products – they are fantastic for basics and also I love the Heattech range. The brand also chooses intelligent collaborations with designers and I respect their innovation.”

Last thursday,April 26th, Lulu visited the Uniqlo event on Oxford Street, an event you couldn’t miss if you were in London and adore her designs. It was an event extraordinaire, with retro sweets in lips shape, fruit cocktails, Ladurée macarons and free manicures!

Pictures by Uniqlo, Vogue and lifestyleflash_ 

General Loveliness – Macarons & Other Treasures

A few tiny things I love. The limited edition Karl Lagerfeld coke I bought in Paris last year. Macaroon lip balm (strawberry and lemon) from Accessorize with a Paris street scene on it. Two flower bracelets from Etsy. A small cream/gold-coloured bag which contains an extra button for my Anthropologie dress. A butterfly I bought in Weimar last week. A white Chanel bracelet. Lots of cute hair bows. A ‘Red London Bus – Ticket to London’ necklace from Accessorize. The pink ice cone necklace I bought at Cyberdog in Camden. A gold clock necklace I inherited from my grandma. Another necklace I got at Camden (the one with the dark pink bow, and my selfmade one (the other one with a pink bow).

Some more quotes, words and things I love, all on one sheet of paper. The messages I wrote down only to fill the empty space are the funniest, I think. Who can find ‘This is a sheet of paper with letters..’? Haha!

My Handbag Make-up Essentials

The handbag is one of the most important items in every woman’s life – if you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about. It contains so many of our things we need daily/hourly/every few minutes: sunglasses, mobile phones, make-up, diaries, purses, basically half of our life (or at least a quarter).

My bag(s) (…I have over 20, call me obsessed!) usually contain(s) my Lulu Guinness mini frame purse and striped umbrella, magazines, at least one book, my phone, jewellery, sunglasses, tissues, my diaries, Oyster card, a sketchbook for little drawings and stories, perfume, my keys, mints and lots of make-up. In this post, however, I want to concentrate on the make-up essentials I carry with me in my bag every day. If I’m in a foreign country, on holidays, I usually also carry a map with me for exploring, and a camera to take beautiful photos of everything and everyone.

My daily make-up essentials are: a small bottle of Vivienne Westwood’s perfume ‘Naughty Alice’, golden eye shadow (L’Oréal Paris), classic ivory Fit me! pressed powder (Maybelline New York), Lèvres Scintiallentes lipgloss 107 (Chanel), Mediterranean Moonlight nail varnish (O.P.I) and Black Sapphire Volume Diva ‘Curve me Sexy’ mascara (Astor). The bag in the photo is my small Chanel 2.55, the best bag in my wardrobe (I loooooove Chanel!).

What are your make-up essentials? Which things do you carry with you in your handbags? And does the ‘Naughty Alice’ bottle somehow remind you of Ladurée? xx

Recipe: Pink Vanilla Macarons

What you need:

Egg white of 3 eggs, sugar, salt, ground almonds, powdered sugar, butter, food colouring, vanilla sugar, vanilla flavour

You start by sifting the powdered sugar and the ground almonds and mix them together. Stir the egg white and add a pinch of salt and about 30g of sugar. Then whip the egg white until it’s almost stiff.

Now gently fold the powdered sugar/almond mixture in until it’s a thick mixture and add the vanilla flavour and the food colouring (I chose red food colouring which makes the macarons look pink).

Pipe the mixture (with a piping bag) in circles onto the baking trays with baking paper. Don’t make the circles too big! Leave them to dry for about an hour. Then put the baking trays in the oven and let it bake at 140 degrees for 15 mins.

Leave them to cool down and put them in a closable box for 24 hours.

For the buttercream, you have to mix soft butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, red food colouring and some vanilla flavour together, put it between the two macaron halves and place one on top of the other.

And…you have 20 cute pink vanilla macarons!