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New Year’s Eve and What to Wear

I have to admit I’ve most shamefully neglected this blog for the last few months, not because I don’t like blogging anymore, far from that, but because I’ve been so busy doing other things and I haven’t been in London since a while so there’s not much to blog about. As for outfit posts, there will be some new ones this year, as soon as I’ve found a good background other than my living room (as seen in many previous posts…). For now, you’ll have to live with these kind of blog posts – however, I’m sure you’ll survive. ūüėČ Oh, and before I forget it: Happy New Year 2014! (May it be better than 2013; at least for me.)

Here’s what I’d like to wear on New Year’s Eve:

mk chain dress

mk cardiganMichael Kors Chain Lace Dress and Studded Shoulder Cardigan (get yours at Selfridges)

polka dot bracelet blackMarc Jacobs Polka-dot Plaque Bracelet (also Selfridges)

Lily bag in redMulberry Lily Glossy Medium Goat Bag in Red

shoesMelissa Ginga Platform Mary Jane Shoes

Oh, and here’s what I actually ended up wearing (at least the colours are the same):


PS: Have you noticed how all the brand’s names start with an ‘M’?





There are only a few shows at London Fashion Week that get me very, very excited every season. Not because they’re popular or because they have the best front row celebrities. No. I get excited because I really love to see what the designers come up with that season. Because the clothes and accessories¬†are amazingly beautiful and I would like to buy the whole collection each season. There are only three shows that get me this excited. The Burberry¬†show (though I haven’t seen a collection as beautiful as the AW12 one again which really gave me goose bumps), the Mulberry show (because of obvious eye candy bag reasons) and the Orla Kiely presentation.

I hadn’t been to an Orla Kiely presentation¬†before, but I’ve been¬†to¬†the shop on King’s Road and immediately fell in love with the clothes. So when Orla did a collaboration with Uniqlo, I got a really beautiful dress which is now my favourite dress. It looks chic, reminds me of something vintage and is very comfortable – what’s not to love, really? And now I’ve seen the SS14 collection, I guess I’ll have to go and¬†make a little purchase in the shop next year. I can’t not buy one of those stunning dresses!


The Orla Kiely presentation is something special every year. It’s a kind of Fluxus art, performance art. This year, Orla Kiely took us on a safari with her models. The girls were exploring the wilderness, catching butterflies, reading books and¬†relaxing close to the camp fire while the catchy tune “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was playing. All of the girls were wearing berets and the bags they were carrying, shaped like animals, were super cute. The clothes also didn’t disappoint. Pretty shoes worn with knee socks and 60s dresses adorned with collars. Until next season, hopefully!














LFW – The Street Style

There are a lot of people on the streets of London during Fashion Week every season. People with different styles and clothes. There are…

The Chic & Trendy


Photo by wishwishwish.net


Photo by florencefinds.com

stylogasmPhoto by stylogasm.com

The Cute:


Photo by cosmopolitan.co.uk


Photo by intrinsicallyflorrie.com

The Crazy:


Photo by mirror.co.uk


Photo by i-d-j.com

…and many other fashion types. I would probably wear¬†something inbetween all of those types. A bit of everything you could say. Something chic, something trendy, something cute and weird, something plain maybe. A simple black and white look,¬†a bow in my hair and a Mulberry bag on my arm. Here’s an outfit which you can shop at Selfridges. Something which I would wear to LFW.

Shirt dress   STELLA MCCARTNEY   Dresses   Shop Clothing   Women   selfridges.com

Stella McCartney Shirt Dress

Bayswater soft grain leather handbag   MULBERRY   MULBERRY   Brands   Brand rooms   Bags   selfridges.com

Mulberry Bayswater

Tom Binns Powder NecklaceTom Binns Necklace

Leather strap boots   VIVIENNE WESTWOOD   VIVIENNE WESTWOOD   Brands   Brand rooms   Shoes   selfridges.com

Vivienne Westwood Boots

Give Me A Bit Of London & Southern France


I can’t believe I had never been to Topshop Oxford Street before! My last Topshop post wasn’t posted that long ago and was about a dress I got in the sale at Topshop Strand, but that was about the only Topshop I’d ever been in before. When Jaime (boymeetsfashion.com, one of my favourite bloggers) suggested meeting there in the EAT caf√© downstairs, I had no idea how¬†huge it really is. Five floors and about 90,000 square feet with clothes, a cupcake and frozen yogurt counter and a nail bar, a hair salon where you can bleach and colour¬†your hair or get¬†a blow-dry, and the EAT caf√©. It’s their UK flagship store and, according to wikipedia, it’s the largest fashion store in the world! You can spend – at least – a day in there! On the same floor as the EAT caf√©, lowest floor,¬†they have the most beautiful dresses and skirts and blouses. I think they did that on purpose, as a reward for those customers who make it all the way downstairs without giving up before..

There’s a section, right in front of the caf√©, with dresses and skirts by Jones & Jones. Said dresses are featured in this post. I grabbed about 10 of them as soon as I spotted them. I’ve been looking for dresses like these (petticoats, bows, period opulence) for ages (I think I¬†was born in the wrong decade or even century). Thanks so much¬†to the Jones sisters, who are inspired by London street style and Southern France opulence,¬†for creating these pieces of art.










Outfit Post – Red Riding Hood on Primrose Hill


Primrose Hill is such a lovely place. It’s perfect for a little walk and a nice view of London, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot¬†one or two¬†celebrities in ‘London’s Beverly Hills’. Situated between Belsize Park and Camden Town, living in Primrose Hill is pretty convenient I guess. Quiet, lots of green spaces, lovely little caf√©s and shops. On my way from Camden Town¬†to Belsize Park (they have the best Starbucks ever there; cosy, big and not too many people!), I went to Primrose Hill for a little outfit shoot for my blog with a coat I got in Camden the day before. Thanks¬†to my friend Lisa for taking the pictures.

Usually you’ll find me in shops such as ‘Vanilla’ in Camden, not in the dark gothic stores along the High Street. But as my mission was to find a coat, I thought I’d have a look inside¬†because I’d seen some great coats on the website of ‘Hell Bunny’. And sure enough I found the perfect coat! It’s cute, in my favourite colour (red), with fur and buttons and bows. And it’s warm! I didn’t yet know that a coat can look so chic AND be warm..both at the same time! Amazing, isn’t it?! The dress I’m wearing in these pics is from Orla Kiely for Uniqlo.








Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin – Irina Schrotter, Fabryan London, Shakkei

Last¬†Friday I made my way up to Berlin to spend the weekend in Germany’s capital and to attend Berlin Fashion Week. It was my second one and the first time I actually was invited to some shows. Big shows! Amazing shows! Eek! I got invited to Fabryan and Shakkei Friday evening on the Lavera Showfloor and to Irina Schrotter Friday morning at the Fashion Week tent. As I wasn’t able to make the Irina Schrotter show (yep, I missed the most exciting show I got invited to), I got¬†a blog assistant , Marlene, who studies fashion journalism, and sent her to the show to take pictures for me. I am so glad I did, because the pictures she took are really great and she could enjoy the show with her friends. So everyone’s happy. One of the models on the Irina Schrotter catwalk was Lena Gercke. The collection looks great; I especially love all the white dresses (I’ve got a thing for the colour white, don’t ask me).






Next up in the evening was the Fabryan London show which I didn’t entirely miss. but I was 15 mins late and saw about 5 minutes of the show which is really disappointing because Samantha-Jane, the designer behind Fabryan, is from London, as is the brand. What I did see were the backs of some very beautiful evening dresses in red and black. and I’m sure I would’ve loved the show. Here are some pictures that Fabryan sent me.




The last show that evening, at the Lavera Showfloor and Fashion Week in general, was the Shakkei show at 11.30pm. I met a very lovely blogger there, Fleur of Red Fashion Hood with whom I spent a little time at the bar afterwards, having a glass of bubbly. As for the collection, it was my favourite that day! Eco-friendly, Vivienne Westwood-style dresses in dark colours, red and flower prints. French-style coats, dresses and suits made for fashionable men. My favourite looks were the red dress and the red jacket styled with a beret. Very chic!








I also saw German actress Marie Munz, whom I adored as Judith von B√ľtow in the series ‘Schmetterlinge im Bauch’ (I watched every single episode and am still hoping for a DVD of the series…)!


After the show with Fleur:



Q&A with Lorna Burford of Raindrops of Sapphire

I discovered Lorna’s style¬†blog Raindrops of Sapphire a few months ago when she blogged about the Lulu Guinness SS12 collection (we missed each other twice at Lulu Guinness press days). She’s a lovely girl who loves to wear jeans as much as I love to wear dresses. Last week I asked her if she’d like to do a little Q&A, and guess what, she did! And I’m so sorry for asking her so many tough questions!


1. I’ve noticed that you love to wear jeans. Why?

I’m a denim expert and have been working with jeans since I was 17. I have a deep rooted passion for them and I actually honestly don’t know where it comes from. It’s an obsession of mine and I get so excited over jeans, it’s crazy. I guess like some ladies have a shoe addiction (I have¬†a minor one), I have a jeans addiction.

2. If you could choose 3 London Fashion Week shows to attend, which would you choose?

I would definitely love to attend Mulberry and Burberry, those two would be fantastic! A third one would be a wishful thinking one and hope that Marc Jacobs would show here one time, ha ha.

3. What are your top 5 favourite brands?

I love Marc Jacobs, Topshop, Rag & Bone and Current/Elliott, if you are making me just pick 5!

4. Do you have a style icon?

Not really, I tend to like a few celebs style, like Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba and Zac Efron, but generally I don’t have one style icon that I would look up to all the time.¬†I take my inspiration from everywhere.

5. Which country would you love to travel to?

Well, it’s not actually a country, it’s a city and it’s Los Angeles. Although I would love to travel to America in general, LA has always been a dream! But somewhere closer to home would definitely be France and Italy, although I would absolutely love to travel to Australia!

6. Do you have any tips for new bloggers or people who want to start a blog?

I do actually and I think it might be best to link to my blog post that I wrote on this¬†a while back. It’s full of details which can help. RaindropsofSapphire – How to become a Fashion Blogger. But the main ones would be stay true to who you are and have a clean, easy to view layout!

7. What do you like to do besides blogging?

Probably the same as most other bloggers, shopping! Shopping or just browsing online, not necessarily buying clothes, but just shopping in general. But outside all of that it would be spending time with my boyfriend, countryside views and definitely animals, I love being around them and looking after them.

8. Do you have a favourite place in London?

I have a few places that I love in London. Oxford Street is one of them as I love shopping, but I also really like being near Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, the sights are beautiful! Since I don’t live in London, when I go there I always feel like a tourist, ha ha.

9. What has been the most exciting thing that’s happened since you started your blog?

Ooooh, there are a few! One would be doing my jeans collaboration with Paige Denim. We created 5 different cuts in the Lorna wash and they went on sale and sold out, which was incredible. Getting a few features in magazines like ASOS, H&M and LOOK magazine. Designing my own jeans from scratch for an up and coming brand two years ago. A collaboration that’s in process right now is also very exciting for me. There have been a few, but I guess the most exciting thing I love is my readers. Seeing their comments every day and their appreciation for my blog means a lot to me.

10. How would you describe your style?

Honestly, I don’t think one word could describe it. I like to wear a lot of different things, depending on my mood. Sometimes it’s girly and sweet, while other times it’s a little tougher and more on edge. It really depends, but mostly it does consist of denim and jackets.

11. If you could choose to live in another century, what century would you like to live in?

I think the Roman/Egyptian era was amazing. It’s always been something that fascinated me when learning. But could I choose a decade instead? I would have liked to have known what it was like in the 60’s or to have grown up in the 80’s. I was born in 88 so I missed most of the 80’s, but it seemed like such a cool time!

12. Why did you name your blog ‘Raindrops of Sapphire’?

I wanted something really unique and different, something that was memorable and intriguing, so it was sort of random by putting two things together, however it does have meaning. Raindrops is very fitting as I live in England and lets face it, we aren’t short of rain, are we? Ha ha. The sapphires is because I love jewellery and have a huge passion for it. So I pictured in my head, sapphires falling out of the sky like raindrops and how pretty it would be. Raindrops of Sapphire then seemed right.

13. What is your favourite fashion item you own?

Hmm this one is tough! I don’t think I could pick just one thing. My jeans collection as a whole plays a huge role in my life and my style, but I do have a couple of beautiful Mulberry bags that I own and love, or some shoes. I don’t think I could pick just one thing, that’s too tough. I generally love most of my purchases and only buy items that I love and will wear, so narrowing it down to one is too hard, sorry!

14. What would you buy if you could spend £5,000?

Is this related to fashion or anything in general? If it’s fashion, I would probably not buy something super expensive, I would probably just go on a big shopping spree and stock up on some essentials that I needed, things that would be worn over and over again. Some beautiful shoes and bags too! But if it’s not fashion related, then I would probably give some away, if that counts as spending, and I would love to buy my boyfriend an Omega watch he’s always wanted. There is a Nikon D7000 we want too, that would be on the list. I’m not sure, it’s a tough question. I’ve never even had over ¬£1,000 to my name before, so I’m not really a very greedy person or a person who has a huge list of expensive things. Pretty much all of my designer items are bought in the sale or at outlets so are less than half price. I know it shouldn’t be, but it’s probably one of the toughest questions I have been asked lol.