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Lady Pink & Blue – Hair Chalking

Have you tried hair chalking? It’s a really good option to (temporarily) get beautifully coloured hair without dying it. Don’t know how to do it? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Get soft pastel chalks in whatever colour you like (I prefer pink, violet and blue). Don’t use normal chalk. It won’t work.

2. If you’re blonde, just add the chalk to your hair. Section and twist your hair while doing it. If your hair is darker, make your hair wet before adding the chalk (do so by sectioning your hair and use a water spray bottle to make it wet). Don’t wet your hair if you’re blonde or have fair hair, or maybe it’ll become permanently pink/red/green/coloured!

3. Try to wear something old while chalking your hair. There’ll be a lot of chalk dust…everywhere!

4. Afterwards, just brush the chalk out of your hair or, if that doesn’t work, wash it out.

Simple as that. The colour lasted a day in my hair, but it’s quite dark. It looked fabulous!