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Outfit Post – Red Riding Hood on Primrose Hill


Primrose Hill is such a lovely place. It’s perfect for a little walk and a nice view of London, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot one or two celebrities in ‘London’s Beverly Hills’. Situated between Belsize Park and Camden Town, living in Primrose Hill is pretty convenient I guess. Quiet, lots of green spaces, lovely little cafés and shops. On my way from Camden Town to Belsize Park (they have the best Starbucks ever there; cosy, big and not too many people!), I went to Primrose Hill for a little outfit shoot for my blog with a coat I got in Camden the day before. Thanks to my friend Lisa for taking the pictures.

Usually you’ll find me in shops such as ‘Vanilla’ in Camden, not in the dark gothic stores along the High Street. But as my mission was to find a coat, I thought I’d have a look inside because I’d seen some great coats on the website of ‘Hell Bunny’. And sure enough I found the perfect coat! It’s cute, in my favourite colour (red), with fur and buttons and bows. And it’s warm! I didn’t yet know that a coat can look so chic AND be warm..both at the same time! Amazing, isn’t it?! The dress I’m wearing in these pics is from Orla Kiely for Uniqlo.









A Little Bejewelled – Thomas Sabo & Vivienne Westwood

I’m one of those people who think you can never wear too many ‘anything’. Replace the ‘anything’ with whatever you like. You can never wear too many hats, necklaces, bracelets, hair bows and so on. It of course doesn’t really work with just anything. You can’t wear more than two shoes (though you can wear a shoe charm on your bracelet, like the one in this post, additionally to your shoes). What I want to say is that most of the time I can’t decide what to wear so I just wear a lot of stuff at once, especially if it’s jewellery. Which is the reason why I think charm bracelets are one of the best inventions ever. I got this Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and the three charms for my birthday and I can’t wait to add more charms to it. I’d like to have charm bracelets from all kind of brands and designers. For example I would love a Lulu Guinness charm bracelet with lots of little lips and rose basket charms.


IMG_5335a IMG_5341a IMG_5356a

IMG_5346a IMG_5358a IMG_5361 IMG_5364 IMG_5368

Coat with faux fur collar: Camden Town

Dress: Orsay

Bracelet: Thomas Sabo

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Lipgloss: Chanel Lèvres Scintillant in 149 Nakkar

Outfit Post: Layers of Autumn

Well, it’s autumn. And what does autumn mean? More rain than usually, snotty noses and layering up. My policy for autumn is to wear at least 3 layers. Petticoat, dress, jacket, coat. Sometimes without the petticoat. Autumn’s all about coats. I’ve already shown you one of my favourites in the last posts. As it’s getting colder now, I need to rummage around in my wardrobe to get my autumn/winter clothes out.

This post could as well be called “sponsored by H&M”. Dress and coat are both from H&M, and I think the scarf is as well (by the way, have you seen the new Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection?). Shoes are from Kurt Geiger, the clock necklace is from my grandma and the adorable little strawberry pendant in the last photo was made by my friend Lisa.

Dress: H&M

Coat: H&M

Scarf: H&M

Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Necklace: Grandma

Strawberry Pendant: Lisa Aschenbach

Nail Varnish: CHANEL Le Vernis in 475 Dragon

A Camden Town Appreciation Post

It’s crowded with tourists, it’s busy and it’s full of stuff no one really needs…and still it’s one of the places in London I love most! Though it is crowded, especially on weekends, it’s not the same as Central London. People aren’t just standing in the way, taking photos of some old buildings while busy Londoners are trying to push past them. It’s kind of a world of its own. A world of vintage, shabby chic and all things weird and cute, basically all things I love. I come here not only for shopping, but also if I just need a place where I can think. I like to sit by the canal with a cupcake from Mimi’s Cupcakes, a Chaboba Bubble Tea or a Caramel donut and watch the boats flow by. I think it’s a real pity that you’re not allowed to take any photos in most of the shops. There are so many things I’d love to blog about in Camden, especially all the cute dresses, coats, hair bows etc! Fortunately I sometimes didn’t see the little ‘No photos’ sign and could take a few photos. The pictures above show AllSaints, one of those cute little stores, the famous ‘Camden Lock’ and the colourful houses.

Vintage camera

If I’d known what was hidden on my attic, I’d have spent some time up there ages ago! From old jewellery to this amazing camera, everything was up there! I own a little digital camera which is okay, but it doesn’t really take very good photos. A Polaroid or Canon is my dream, but I think they’re a bit too expensive..for cameras; it would probably take me a few centuries (yes, centuries!) to figure out how I’m supposed to use it and if I want to buy lenses for effects, I’ll go broke. I was so glad when I found this camera last week! It’s a pretty old Praktica camera which needs film, but makes amazing photos!

The pictures above were taken with my digital camera, not the Praktica, because I haven’t had the film developed yet. But the camera is shown in the pictures as I was strolling through the town and had it around my neck. It was a heavy necklace, I can tell you!

Mulberry – A/W12 London Fashion Week

Mulberry had the most amazing Front Row at London Fashion Week so far, with stars like Mulberry muse Lana Del Rey, Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen, Billy Nighy and many many more. American Vogue editor-in-chief, the woman herself, Anna Wintour, also was there to see the ‘monsters’ walking down the catwalk. The show and A/W12 collection of Mulberry apparently was inspired by ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, the book by Maurice Sendak. 2 huge monster statues were watching the show, stood left and right of the catwalk. The models wore long-haired coats, skirts, jackets and – very amusing – a long-haired dog joined the models on the catwalk. My favourite AW12 Mulberry bag is featured below; it reminds me a bit of Chanel.

Winter Wonderland Photoshoot