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New Year’s Eve Outfit 2013 – 2014


Another Year Older

Joxeux Anniversaire, joyeux anniversaire. When your birthday is three days before Christmas, you really look forward to that time (or not as you start getting older…). I love being born in December although I have no idea why. I haven’t quite figured out the merits of this month yet. Maybe it’s because it’s the cosiest time of the year and family time all around?
I designed my own birthday cake this year and it took me almost half a year to know what kind of cake I wanted. I thought chic, designer, girly, glitter, but in the end it turned out to be black and white stripes, red roses and my name on a heart. Two tiers of deliciousness, consisting of cherry and chocolate and baked apple vanilla. I celebrated in a villa near where I live, which made it possible for my guests who came from far away to sleep here for a night in one of the lovely rooms.
The best surprise was that a friend from Wales came all the way from Cardiff to Germany. I hadn’t known before that she’d be there and was so happy to see her!

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – The World Celebrates

Last weekend (Monday and Tuesday included in the United Kingdom as it was a Bank Holiday) the world was celebrating Her Majesty, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Of course it was mostly the Brits celebrating, but some people – like me – joined in on the fun, had their own Jubilee parties at home and watched the celebrations on TV, although they were in other countries.

I decorated our living room with Union Jack bunting, a miniature Clock Tower/Big Ben, my Lulu Guinness lips clutch and several other ‘Union Jacks’. I also invited some friends over for afternoon tea. It was nothing compared to the celebrations in London and all over Britain, but it was my way of showing how much I love the British Monarchy and Queenie, and it was so much fun. The celebrations in London were stunning! I’ve never seen anything like it. The concert in front of Buckingham Palace was my favourite part. I teared up at least a million times. I loved how Prince Charles called the Queen ‘mummy’ and told her how much she means to him. This was such a cute gesture! You could feel how proud Britain is of his Queen and I hope I can also soon say that I’m proud to be British (I feel so much more connected with Britain than Germany).

A lot of my London friends watched the River Pageant on big screens at street parties or tried to get a good spot to watch the Royals on the Thames.

I asked some people what makes them proud to be British and here are some of the answers I got:

“Us Brits have a great sense of humour I think. No other country has that. And of course the monarchy! Though a lot of people are unhappy with the monarchy I think it’s something to be proud of.”

“I like the mentality of British people.”

“I’m not British, but I love to live here (London). It’s true, the British are indeed very polite, which I love. People in my country don’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ half as often.”

DAKS – A/W 12 London Fashion Week

The DAKS A/W 12 collection show took place in Somerset House today, on the 2nd day of London Fashion Week. The collection by designer Sheila McKain-Waid combines modern and traditional fashion while concentrating on British elegance and heritage. Models in ostentatious checked tweed coats were walking down the runway and a cocoon-like coat with two different shades of red formed a contrast to the white, ivory, check and black.

DAKS is celebrating 50 years of being a Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty – and with the collection radiating modernity and a fresh look as well as a British sense of luxury I can already see Kate Middleton in one of these amazing checked cocoon coats.

Mongolian & Chinese Birthday Buffet

I couldn’t celebrate my birthday on December 21st, because I had a really bad cold in December and was definitely not in the right mood for a party either. Therefore I just postponed my birthday to January, to this weekend to be exact. I put myself in the right mood for the party by going shopping yesterday morning to choose jewellery I could wear with my dress in the evening. Well, shopping was a success. I bought a pearl necklace and the matching pearl bracelet. I had booked a table for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the “Neustadt”, the Soho of Dresden, for 7pm. When I was done with shopping, there still was a lot of time left as it was only 5.30pm. I decided I’d take my guests to ‘Barococo’ (my favourite cocktail bar in Germany) before dinner and a surprise was waiting for me there: I got all cocktails for free as a birthday present! So great! I had about 3 strawberry cocktails before we went to the restaurant. The building it’s located in didn’t look inviting at all. We didn’t even find the door at first, because it was in some kind of small side alley and looked like the back door to either some kind of shabby nightclub or an exclusive VIP private club. It turned out to be rather the latter. We were delighted to find a red carpet (à la Hollywood) leading up a staircase to a very welcoming room, all decorated with fish tanks and Chinese vases. And that room…lead straight to the most glamorous hall (yes, hall!) I’ve ever seen. There was a huge buffet, rococo-style chairs and wallpaper, a Mongolian barbecue grill and several chandeliers above our heads. We payed about 13€ for each person (that’s about £11) which is really really cheap for such a luxurious dinner buffet! Especially, because everyone could eat as much as they wanted. I had sushi, breaded banana, apple, surimi and fish, Chinese soup, crocodile, jelly with vanilla sauce and fruits I never even knew existed! And I got a present at the end: a bottle plum wine! I’ll definitely come back, as will most of my guests.