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Great Expectations Premiere – On The Red Carpet at BFI London Film Festival

It was a surreal experience – as is the case with most things ‘celebrity’. Until October 21st, I had seen 5 (more or less famous) celebrities, and the thought of attending such a star-studded event was half terrifying, half exciting. But hey, they’re just humans…which is what I had to tell myself over and over again that day to calm my nerves.

My friend and I arrived at Leicester Square a bit earlier than most people at 4pm, because we wanted to ‘check the situation’. No red carpet yet, and only about 10 fans who had been waiting there since early morning (crazy).

When we came back at about 6.30pm, they were just rolling out the red carpet. Security had arrived and they were telling people to leave the area. Strangely enough, they didn’t tell us to leave. So we just stood there and waited. Eventually we were told to leave though, and come back at 7pm when everyone who had a ticket was allowed to go on the red carpet.

Half an hour later, at 7pm, the celebrities began to arrive. Robbie Coltrane was first, followed by Helena Bonham Carter, and then, all of a sudden, we found ourselves right on that red carpet. We walked past Mike Newell, the director of the movie, Elizabeth Karlsen (producer), Helena Bonham Carter and Robbie Coltrane.

Helena Bonham Carter:

Inside the cinema there was a livestream of the red carpet outside. Ralph Fiennes:

When the stars were finished giving autographs, interviews and getting their pictures taken outside, they went into the cinema and waited to be called on stage..except for Robbie Coltrane, who preferred to stay seated.

Tim Burton:

Ralph Fiennes (Magwitch), Helena Bonham Carter (Miss Havisham), leading actress Holliday Grainger (Estella) and leading actor Jeremy Irvine (Pip). I had to laugh so much when I zoomed in on that pic:

Bebe Cave (young Biddy), her sister Jessie Cave (Biddy), Helena Barlow (young Estella) and Toby Irvine (young Pip):

As for the movie, I don’t want to give away too much (no spoilers in this post), just that it was fantastic. They all did a great job and you should definitely watch the movie.

After the movie was finished:

Jessie Cave:

Afterwards I told my friend I could do this every single day. A brilliant experience, thanks so much to everyone at BFI London Film Festival!