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My Selfridges Wishlist


This post is actually killing me. All the beautiful, shiny, new and expensive things I can only dream of. Sighhhh…. Every time I walk through Selfridges, I feel like I should spend all my money there. I have a thing for bags (well, more of an obsession, really) and accessories, and Selfridges is like paradise for me. If I’d list all the items that are on my wishlist, this would’ve been posted in about three years, so I only chose a very very very small part of my wishlist, including items by Mulberry (favourite brand!), Michael Kors and Stella McCartney.

1. Alexa grainy calf leather satchel: Oh, wonderful shiny blush beauty! This is my dream bag, and one day, I will buy it!

2. Willow leather wallet: And while I’m at it, I’m also going to get this beautiful nude wallet.

3. Heart purse: ….Aaand this cute heart purse. Or the valentine heart key ring.

4. Heart key ring: It seems like key rings are my new obsession. And this girly one would definitely be one of the first in my collection.


5. Jet-set extra small saffiano tote: The MK signature jet set tote and a real beauty of a bag, made of saffiano leather with a really cool colour.

6. Stretchy bead bracelet: In rose gold and for only 59 pounds! Does anyone have some spare 59 pounds…? Anyone??

7. Triple label blazer: A very chic and business-y blazer which I’d probably wear at work.

8. Floral skinny jeans: Yes, it’s a pair of jeans. And yes, I haven’t worn jeans for over two years. But I’d make an exception for these!

9. Embroidered lace dress: A very elegant dress, similar to one I already own. But you just can’t have enough dresses, can you? I love the material and colour!



Lulu Guinness SS13 Press Day – A Day In Miami

On October 24th, I had the pleasure to attend the Lulu Guinness Spring/Summer 2013 Press Day. I’ve featured the brand several times on my blog because it’s my favourite. I have the Life is a Bed of Roses necklace, black mirror purse, two totes, an umbrella and two clutches (one of them a lips clutch, the most brilliant clutch ever created), and my little collection’s still growing – especially after I’ve seen next seasons fantastic eye candy at the press day.

The press day was at The Vinyl Factory near Oxford Circus tube station. I put my name down next to people from well-known magazines, Condé Nast and famous bloggers (exciting!).

The brick wall room was decorated with palm trees, flamingos, pink neon lips and a huge ‘Hotel Lulu Guinness’ wall. The Miami themed decoration perfectly matched the collection. Lots of stripes (I love stripes!), lips patterns, doll face bags, black, white, pink and blue, and an utterly adorable car bag! The food also looked quite delicious, but unfortunately I’m a Vegetarian, so I couldn’t try it. I’m so sad I missed the chocolate lips and macaroons in the afternoon!

Goody bags included an Innocent smoothie, a Lulu Guinness voucher and the cutest lips-shaped USB stick.

Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo

Think lips, kooky cats, cameo and doll faces et voilà, you get the limited edition Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo t-shirt collection!

On April 16th the collection launched online and in store. Only a few hours later some of the shirts were already sold out online. Two of them are still available though. Lulu is, as I pointed out, one of the best British handbag designers and my favourite designer. Lulu herself says about the collaboration: “I have always wanted to put my designs onto T-shirts, so when Uniqlo approached me about doing a collaboration I was thrilled. I have always liked the simplicity of Uniqlo products – they are fantastic for basics and also I love the Heattech range. The brand also chooses intelligent collaborations with designers and I respect their innovation.”

Last thursday,April 26th, Lulu visited the Uniqlo event on Oxford Street, an event you couldn’t miss if you were in London and adore her designs. It was an event extraordinaire, with retro sweets in lips shape, fruit cocktails, Ladurée macarons and free manicures!

Pictures by Uniqlo, Vogue and lifestyleflash_ 

Lulu Guinness – Burlington Arcade store & AW12

I had an appointment with Tiffany, the Burlington Arcade store manager, last Wednesday and she showed me around the shop, showed me the beautiful bags from the current collection and gave me a look book of the Cruise 2011 collection and the SS12 collection. The store has 4 floors, all of them full of amazing bags, collectables, purses and sunglasses. There also is a kind of meeting area on the upper floor where I could spot some ‘new in’ pink cases from Lulu’s luggage collection. As you may have noticed by now (chrm, chrm), I’m a big Lulu fan, so every time I enter one of her shops, my heart is melting and I can feel my purse begin to shake inside my bag. This time I was especially excited, because I was going to buy a lips clutch. It’s Lulu’s signature bag and if you love her bags and designs as much as I do, you simply have to get one!

The Burlington Arcade Store

 I also spotted this which is so cute! Have tea with style.

SS12 collection

AW12 collection

Lulu’s AW12 collections is named ‘Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover’ and was inspired by Audrey Hepburn as well as the many vintage book shops on Charing Cross Road. The collection is very book and library themed, which I love! I love books and libraries and love to escape into a different world by reading. The collection seems perfect to me! The AW12 collectable is the stack of books with Lulu’s favourite sayings and quotes. She also created the book bags in various colours like shocking pink with titles like ‘Dare To Be Different’ (my favourite!) and the Librarian Doll Face. Haircalf, snakeskin, leather and butter soft Italian nappa are the collections key fabrics and black, red and pink (my 3 favourite colours!) are the colours which appear most often in the collection. The collection is unique, luxurious and simply perfect!

My favourite places in London

1. Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill: They’re not very far apart and both give you a panorama of London which you’ll never forget. The Heath will always be my favourite park though, with its ponds (the Viaduct pond is très belle), Kenwood House and the Pergola. It’s perfect for picnics, long strolls alone or a walk with the dog (lots of dachshunds there!). I’d say Primrose Hill is perfect on New Year’s Eve and Bonfire night, but it’s mayhem up there. So many people, it’s crazy. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to go sledding with your children in winter, Primrose Hill is the place.

2. My friends flat in Belsize Park: It holds so many lovely memories for me, like sleeping on an air mattress under a table (don’t ask), eating a lot of cupcakes for breakfast and Tesco sushi for dinner, laughing with my friend about the weirdest jokes, watching TV or playing Wii with her, stealing her laptop for hours and the amazing view of Belsize Park I had every morning when I looked out of the bedroom or kitchen window (it’s funny to watch the people outside).

3. Camden Market: Shopping…need I say more? Camden is my shopping heaven on earth where I will always find something to buy, no matter if I need it or not. Vintage fashion is something I love and Camden basically is nothing but vintage fashion. Every time I’m there, I find about 20 new dresses I’d immediately buy if my wardrobe space allowed it. I always joke with my friend that if you live anywhere near the market, you don’t need to leave Camden your whole life, because you can get almost everything there. The food there also is great and very unusual – have you ever tried liquid nitrogen ice cream (at Chin Chin Laboratorists) for example? I spent most of last summer sitting in the grass next to the canal, eating cupcakes and ice cream.

4. Harrods: I know a lot of people who say they prefer Selfridges to Harrods – and I don’t get it. If I could choose where I’d rather go shopping, which I can, I’d definitely choose Harrods. I’ve always loved it, since the very first time I set foot in it (not that long ago, actually). The intèrieur is fantastic. Every single corner gives you that feeling of luxury. I could spend days in there; no wonder if you consider that it has over a million square feet of selling space (thank you, wikipedia). My favourite department is the Food Hall, especially the Lola’s Cupcakes counter!

5. Burlington Arcade: I can’t help it but think ‘Diagon Alley’ whenever I’m there. The Guardian described it as the posh people’s equivalent of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter’ and if you ask me, this is exactly what it is: a real life Diagon Alley. Except, of course, that you can’t purchase owls, wands or potions there, but accessories, jewellery, fashion and a lot of other things. I will always get that ‘magical’ feeling though, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll find a wand in one of the Lulu Guinness handbags there…

6. Lulu Guinness Ellis Street store: I simply love the Lulu Guinness store on Ellis Street! It’s eye candy through and through. When I want to buy a Lulu Guinness bag, I always go there, because it was the store where I bought my first Lulu G. bag. I want to stare at the lips clutches and collectables for hours. The lovely Lulu team is always nice and helpful. They know exactly which bag suits me best. I’ve been to the Burlington Arcade store only once, but maybe  from what I’ve seen it has a good chance to become my new favourite Lulu store.

7. Bubbleology, Soho: I’ve tried my first Bubble Tea on a trip to Berlin last year and was delighted when I found out that there’s a Bubble Tea store in Soho. Bubble Tea became my new Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino – something I drink almost every day. The fruit juice bubbles and jelly are just so delicious with the (Caramel, Coconut, Cocoa, Apple, Strawberry etc. flavoured) tea. The store is cosy and almost always full of people.

8. Richmond: It’s not exactly in London, but still part of it – and a very beautiful one. It’s well endowed with a lot of parks, lovely houses and green spaces, located by the Thames where you can find lots of houseboats. The view from Richmond Hill is breathtaking, especially in spring and summer. It’s a really picturesque little town and even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to love Richmond.

9. Hamleys: Yes, I mean the toy shop on Regent Street. I’m a big child and it’s still a magical place for me. I know Hamleys must feel and look like wonderland to children. You can try out so many things there! My favourite part of the store is the ‘Harry Potter corner’. It looks a teeny bit like Ollivanders Wand Shop. They even sell writing quills (so cool!) and the Marauder’s Map. I’m sure the people working there absolutely love their jobs. I’d love to work there!

10. My Old Dutch Pancake House: Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes! Delicious, warm pancakes with maple syrup & butter, berries, nutella or mozzarella, italian herbs, halloumi and olives! The prices are reasonable and the pancakes are the best I’ve ever tasted. Have a look at the menu and tell me it doesn’t sound delicious. One of my favourite restaurants to eat. You have to try the Italian pancake!

Photo Fashion Illustrations

A Vivienne Westwood catwalk model.

The beautiful Mia Wasikowska for Miu Miu. In my opinion the perfect face for Miu Miu.

Mulberry – A/W12 London Fashion Week

Mulberry had the most amazing Front Row at London Fashion Week so far, with stars like Mulberry muse Lana Del Rey, Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen, Billy Nighy and many many more. American Vogue editor-in-chief, the woman herself, Anna Wintour, also was there to see the ‘monsters’ walking down the catwalk. The show and A/W12 collection of Mulberry apparently was inspired by ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, the book by Maurice Sendak. 2 huge monster statues were watching the show, stood left and right of the catwalk. The models wore long-haired coats, skirts, jackets and – very amusing – a long-haired dog joined the models on the catwalk. My favourite AW12 Mulberry bag is featured below; it reminds me a bit of Chanel.