There are only a few shows at London Fashion Week that get me very, very excited every season. Not because they’re popular or because they have the best front row celebrities. No. I get excited because I really love to see what the designers come up with that season. Because the clothes and accessories are amazingly beautiful and I would like to buy the whole collection each season. There are only three shows that get me this excited. The Burberry show (though I haven’t seen a collection as beautiful as the AW12 one again which really gave me goose bumps), the Mulberry show (because of obvious eye candy bag reasons) and the Orla Kiely presentation.

I hadn’t been to an Orla Kiely presentation before, but I’ve been to the shop on King’s Road and immediately fell in love with the clothes. So when Orla did a collaboration with Uniqlo, I got a really beautiful dress which is now my favourite dress. It looks chic, reminds me of something vintage and is very comfortable – what’s not to love, really? And now I’ve seen the SS14 collection, I guess I’ll have to go and make a little purchase in the shop next year. I can’t not buy one of those stunning dresses!


The Orla Kiely presentation is something special every year. It’s a kind of Fluxus art, performance art. This year, Orla Kiely took us on a safari with her models. The girls were exploring the wilderness, catching butterflies, reading books and relaxing close to the camp fire while the catchy tune “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was playing. All of the girls were wearing berets and the bags they were carrying, shaped like animals, were super cute. The clothes also didn’t disappoint. Pretty shoes worn with knee socks and 60s dresses adorned with collars. Until next season, hopefully!















LFW – The Street Style

There are a lot of people on the streets of London during Fashion Week every season. People with different styles and clothes. There are…

The Chic & Trendy


Photo by


Photo by

stylogasmPhoto by

The Cute:


Photo by


Photo by

The Crazy:


Photo by


Photo by

…and many other fashion types. I would probably wear something inbetween all of those types. A bit of everything you could say. Something chic, something trendy, something cute and weird, something plain maybe. A simple black and white look, a bow in my hair and a Mulberry bag on my arm. Here’s an outfit which you can shop at Selfridges. Something which I would wear to LFW.

Shirt dress   STELLA MCCARTNEY   Dresses   Shop Clothing   Women

Stella McCartney Shirt Dress

Bayswater soft grain leather handbag   MULBERRY   MULBERRY   Brands   Brand rooms   Bags

Mulberry Bayswater

Tom Binns Powder NecklaceTom Binns Necklace

Leather strap boots   VIVIENNE WESTWOOD   VIVIENNE WESTWOOD   Brands   Brand rooms   Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Boots

Ellen Eisemann feat. Germany’s Next Topmodels


English: This season I got a press accrediation for Showfloor Berlin at Berlin Fashion Week. Armed with my camera and the black press wristband, I made my way to the front of the catwalk, standing next to the big magazine and official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week photographers. My first Showfloor show was Ellen Eisemann, for which the first three girls of Germany’s Next Topmodel walked as models. The collection was cute, summery and definitely something I would wear this summer! The colours used were very fresh; you could see a lot of rosé, orange, green and blue.

Deutsch: Diese Season habe ich eine Presseakkreditierung für den Showfloor Berlin auf der Berlin Fashion Week bekommen. Bewaffnet mit meiner Kamera und meinem schwarzen Pressearmband stellte ich mich also ganz vorne am Catwalk neben den ganzen großen Vertretern der Magazine und offiziellen Fotografen der Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin hin. Meine erste Showfloor Show war die von Ellen Eisemann, auf der die drei diesjährigen Ersten von Germany’s Next Topmodel, Lovelyn, Maike und Luisa, gelaufen sind. Maike natürlich im ROTEN Kleid, was einige Lacher beim Publikum hervor rief. Die Kollektion an sich war sehr niedlich, sommerlich und definitiv etwas, was ich diesen Sommer tragen würde. Auch die Farben waren sehr frisch; viel rosa, blau, orange und grün war dabei.











GreenShowroom & Salonshow @ Adlon Kempinski



Royal Blush by Jana Keller Johanna Riplinger


Swiss Affaire


Vilmava 2

Tatjana Prijmak

Tatjana Prijmak 2

Tatjana Prijmak 3

Anais Guille

Anais Guille 2

Anais Guille 4

Anais Guille 3




On July 2nd, I went to the Adlon hotel in Berlin to see the salonshow that I was invited to. The salonshow, as well as the GreenShowroom, based in the suites of the hotel, were all about green/eco fashion. Amazing materials, great designs and fantastic ideas are what inspire this kind of fashion. I really enjoyed the fashion show, after show cocktails and contents of my goody bag. And the Adlon Kempinski hotel is a great location for such an event, as you can see in the pictures above. I had two favourite pieces: the first Vilmava piece, and the black dress by Anaïs Guille. Other designers were Tatjana Prijmak, Edelziege, Lanius, Royal Blush by Jana Keller, Johanna Riplinger and Swiss Affaire.

Overheard at London Fashion Week February 2013


There are lots of things to be learned at LFW each season. One of the main things may be that having a ticket for a show really doesn’t mean you actually get to see the show! Many of the shows are over-subscribed (one show was redefining the term ‘front row’ by making people sit on the floor…) and seated people are left standing or can watch the show from outside (as happened to @TeleFashion). Even the real front rowers looked a bit squished from time to time. Another very important thing is: EVERYTHING is fashion. Absolutely no exception! If someone turned up wearing bananas, it would be fashion. Someone wearing a diaper – fashion. Paper – fashion. It’s the same as with art. Well, you get the picture.. It seems everyone discovers their inner Lady Gaga during Fashion Week.

And I guess it’s time for another Overheard at London Fashion Week post. I’ve spent more time reading all the hilarious ‘overheard’ tweets than watching the actual shows this February. The fashion industry definitely has a sense of humour…hidden somewhere behind the façade. Here we go…

@RyanLanji Ha! #lfw quote of the day „How much of your outfit did you borrow?” #presspit

Is it possible to borrow underwear too…?

@TeleFashion  Overheard at #lfw after KTZ. ‘How was it?’ ‘Different.’

@JulesMattsson Just been trampled by a heard of incredibly well-coiffed wildebeest & paps (apparently someone famous turned up). Oww. #LFW

‘Move aside, ordinary person!’

@TeleFashion Seating mess up at Felder Felder. The term ‘front row’ has been taken too literally and they are being made to sit on the floor. #LFW

They should’ve done that at Burberry. Imagine Anna Wintour.. sitting on the floor. 🙂

@Rebecca_Heufeld ‘There is nothing like #LFW to make you feel overweight and under dressed’. Overheard at Somerset House.

@AmeliaGregory Oh my: just witness to the worst catwalk etiquette: girl next to me steaming down the row stealing copious goodie bags BEFORE the show #lfw (Grab what you can before you get thrown out, I’d say…)

@Staceysssssss I kid you not, I just met a photographer who was photographing a blogger taking photos. #LFW


@angelahmorris You can tell that #LFW has hit. I couldn’t get within an inch of a salad in M&S Bond Street. Move over to the biscuit aisle annoying models.

@JessicaQuillin There’s nothing like being directed to queue on the right from someone pointing left. #eudonchoi #LFW

@InStyle_Tanya Cute kids on front row at #toddlynn – is this the new accessory? #lfw

@andrew_greening Everyone is dressed this morning like they are doing the walk of shame, Then I saw the lanyard on their necks saying #lfw

@bumpkinbetty Overheard at front of queue for David Koma… 1 guy, 6 ppl entourage “Have you got a ticket?” “No, but I’ve got a blog!” Hmm… #LFW

One of my favourite quotes as my friends always make fun of me getting stuff for free because of my blog. Nice try though.

@TeleFashion Overheard at Holly Fulton – Security: ‘There’s no more room for photographers.’ PR: ‘There’s ALWAYS room for photographers.’ #lfw

Maybe they could make them sit on the floor..? 🙂

@PoppyD Best overheard at any #LFW ever…tiny elderly couple walking past the ‘street stylers’ at Somerset House – “We fought wars for this.”

@modelrecommends Overheard at #lfw: “Ohmygod, imagine a life WITHOUT fashion? Like, if you lived in somewhere like….Wolverhampton.”

Homage To The Old Days – Berlin Fashion Week Outfit


It was really cold in Berlin during Fashion Week. -2 °C maximum! Other people thought a thick fur coat, jeans, a wool cardigan and pullover and long boots would be enough to protect them from the cold; I thought a leopard print/ leather jacket, a short mesh/ silk dress, tights and ankle boots would be enough. Guess what? The others were right… I was freezing on my way from the U-Bahn station to the show venue! But will I ever learn from it? No. Sometimes one has to ‘suffer’ to look good. What I have learned however is that you should not buy ankle boots with heels a day before you intend to wear them all day while running through Berlin to get from one show to the next. I almost tripped over several times – which of course had nothing to do with the bubbly we drank at the Lavera Showfloor bar after the Shakkei show.. 😉

The ‘background’ in these photos is my friend Zoé’s living room in her flat in Berlin, where we had much fun doing a retro style photoshoot at 3 in the morning after having a midnight tea.

My Outfit:

Leopard print and leather jacket – H&M

Dress – H&M

Tights – H&M

Necklace – No idea where I bought it

Bracelet – Accessorize

Boots – Deichmann










No, this is neither Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago/ Velma Kelly nor Liza Minnelli in Cabaret. This is my beautiful friend Zoé who loves theatre, musicals and all that jazz.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin – Irina Schrotter, Fabryan London, Shakkei

Last Friday I made my way up to Berlin to spend the weekend in Germany’s capital and to attend Berlin Fashion Week. It was my second one and the first time I actually was invited to some shows. Big shows! Amazing shows! Eek! I got invited to Fabryan and Shakkei Friday evening on the Lavera Showfloor and to Irina Schrotter Friday morning at the Fashion Week tent. As I wasn’t able to make the Irina Schrotter show (yep, I missed the most exciting show I got invited to), I got a blog assistant , Marlene, who studies fashion journalism, and sent her to the show to take pictures for me. I am so glad I did, because the pictures she took are really great and she could enjoy the show with her friends. So everyone’s happy. One of the models on the Irina Schrotter catwalk was Lena Gercke. The collection looks great; I especially love all the white dresses (I’ve got a thing for the colour white, don’t ask me).






Next up in the evening was the Fabryan London show which I didn’t entirely miss. but I was 15 mins late and saw about 5 minutes of the show which is really disappointing because Samantha-Jane, the designer behind Fabryan, is from London, as is the brand. What I did see were the backs of some very beautiful evening dresses in red and black. and I’m sure I would’ve loved the show. Here are some pictures that Fabryan sent me.




The last show that evening, at the Lavera Showfloor and Fashion Week in general, was the Shakkei show at 11.30pm. I met a very lovely blogger there, Fleur of Red Fashion Hood with whom I spent a little time at the bar afterwards, having a glass of bubbly. As for the collection, it was my favourite that day! Eco-friendly, Vivienne Westwood-style dresses in dark colours, red and flower prints. French-style coats, dresses and suits made for fashionable men. My favourite looks were the red dress and the red jacket styled with a beret. Very chic!








I also saw German actress Marie Munz, whom I adored as Judith von Bütow in the series ‘Schmetterlinge im Bauch’ (I watched every single episode and am still hoping for a DVD of the series…)!


After the show with Fleur: