Blogger Drawing: Carrie Harwood of wishwishwish

I’ve done a photo illustration of her before, but wanted to add Carrie to my ‘Blogger Drawings’, pencil portraits of various bloggers I love. I still really enjoy reading her blog and looking at her beautiful photos. If I had to choose a favourite blog post on her blog, I wouldn’t be able to decide, because they’re all so amazing.

Drawing of Carrie without colour…

….and with colour


Blogger Drawing: Charles of ChaseBondStyle

Charles, fashion stylist and creative director for chasebondstyle, and I met at the Task PR AW12 press day a few weeks ago and he asked me to draw a picture of him after he saw the other blogger drawings on my blog. It took me a while to finish this drawing, but here it is. I really hope you like it, Charles!

Blogger Photo Illustration: Carrie Harwood of WishWishWish

What fascinates me most about Carries blog are the breathtakingly beautiful photos. She’s so very talented! Every of her photos opens a way into a different world for me; one of vintage clothing, Mulberry bags, Fashion Week and many other fantastic things. I’m addicted to and obsessed with the photos on her blog!

Original photo taken by Carrie Harwood

Blogger Drawing: Milla Msa of Not Just Another Milla

Milla’s blog Not Just Another Milla was founded by her in 2009. She’s already lived in New York, Tokyo, Paris and London (what a life!) and is one of my favourite bloggers. I love her blog posts, no matter if they’re about Afternoon Tea, Fashion, her days in London and Paris or Japanese desserts! The photos on her blog are always beautiful and make you want to stare at them for hours.

Blogger Drawing: Briony Whitehouse of A Girl, A Style

First of all, a Happy Belated Birthday to Miss B! Her blog is one of my all-time favourites. We not only share our love for Chanel, Lulu Guinness and macarons, but also our dream to live in Paris for at least a few months. I could stare at the pretty photos on her blog for hours and when I first discovered her blog, I read all posts, back to the first one.

Blogger Drawing: Lois Waller of Bunnipunch

Lois’ fashion blog ‘Bunnipunch‘ shows us the newest collections and news of designers, photos of Paris and London Fashion Week, and gives us an insight into her amazing wardrobe.

Lois with her cute Lulu Guinness Black Cherry Small Doll Face Wanda: