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Recipe: Baked Honey Apple & Goat Cheese

I seem to have forgotten about the “food” part on my blog. It’s already been quite a while since my last restaurant review and even longer ago since my last recipe post; although I have hundreds of pictures of delicious recipes I’ve tried this and last year. However it’s maybe not a good idea to post about a pumpkin soup in June. So, here we go, with a very delicious baked apple with goat cheese and salad recipe.








Baked Honey Apple with Goat Cheese and Salad:

What you need:

2 apples, 8 goat’s cheese slices (cream cheese!), 2 teaspoons dried thyme, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, butter

How you do it:

Peel and core the apples. Cut them into eight slices (each apple 4 slices). Put the goats cheese slices on the apple slices. Put the thyme, sugar, honey and a bit of butter on top of each apple/cheese slice. Bake it at 180° for about 10 minutes. When the cheese looks as pictured above, you can serve it. Garnish with salad and bread.


My Selfridges Wishlist


This post is actually killing me. All the beautiful, shiny, new and expensive things I can only dream of. Sighhhh…. Every time I walk through Selfridges, I feel like I should spend all my money there. I have a thing for bags (well, more of an obsession, really) and accessories, and Selfridges is like paradise for me. If I’d list all the items that are on my wishlist, this would’ve been posted in about three years, so I only chose a very very very small part of my wishlist, including items by Mulberry (favourite brand!), Michael Kors and Stella McCartney.

1. Alexa grainy calf leather satchel: Oh, wonderful shiny blush beauty! This is my dream bag, and one day, I will buy it!

2. Willow leather wallet: And while I’m at it, I’m also going to get this beautiful nude wallet.

3. Heart purse: ….Aaand this cute heart purse. Or the valentine heart key ring.

4. Heart key ring: It seems like key rings are my new obsession. And this girly one would definitely be one of the first in my collection.


5. Jet-set extra small saffiano tote: The MK signature jet set tote and a real beauty of a bag, made of saffiano leather with a really cool colour.

6. Stretchy bead bracelet: In rose gold and for only 59 pounds! Does anyone have some spare 59 pounds…? Anyone??

7. Triple label blazer: A very chic and business-y blazer which I’d probably wear at work.

8. Floral skinny jeans: Yes, it’s a pair of jeans. And yes, I haven’t worn jeans for over two years. But I’d make an exception for these!

9. Embroidered lace dress: A very elegant dress, similar to one I already own. But you just can’t have enough dresses, can you? I love the material and colour!