Overheard at London Fashion Week February 2013


There are lots of things to be learned at LFW each season. One of the main things may be that having a ticket for a show really doesn’t mean you actually get to see the show! Many of the shows are over-subscribed (one show was redefining the term ‘front row’ by making people sit on the floor…) and seated people are left standing or can watch the show from outside (as happened to @TeleFashion). Even the real front rowers looked a bit squished from time to time. Another very important thing is: EVERYTHING is fashion. Absolutely no exception! If someone turned up wearing bananas, it would be fashion. Someone wearing a diaper – fashion. Paper – fashion. It’s the same as with art. Well, you get the picture.. It seems everyone discovers their inner Lady Gaga during Fashion Week.

And I guess it’s time for another Overheard at London Fashion Week post. I’ve spent more time reading all the hilarious ‘overheard’ tweets than watching the actual shows this February. The fashion industry definitely has a sense of humour…hidden somewhere behind the façade. Here we go…

@RyanLanji Ha! #lfw quote of the day „How much of your outfit did you borrow?” #presspit

Is it possible to borrow underwear too…?

@TeleFashion  Overheard at #lfw after KTZ. ‘How was it?’ ‘Different.’

@JulesMattsson Just been trampled by a heard of incredibly well-coiffed wildebeest & paps (apparently someone famous turned up). Oww. #LFW

‘Move aside, ordinary person!’

@TeleFashion Seating mess up at Felder Felder. The term ‘front row’ has been taken too literally and they are being made to sit on the floor. #LFW

They should’ve done that at Burberry. Imagine Anna Wintour.. sitting on the floor. 🙂

@Rebecca_Heufeld ‘There is nothing like #LFW to make you feel overweight and under dressed’. Overheard at Somerset House.

@AmeliaGregory Oh my: just witness to the worst catwalk etiquette: girl next to me steaming down the row stealing copious goodie bags BEFORE the show #lfw (Grab what you can before you get thrown out, I’d say…)

@Staceysssssss I kid you not, I just met a photographer who was photographing a blogger taking photos. #LFW


@angelahmorris You can tell that #LFW has hit. I couldn’t get within an inch of a salad in M&S Bond Street. Move over to the biscuit aisle annoying models.

@JessicaQuillin There’s nothing like being directed to queue on the right from someone pointing left. #eudonchoi #LFW

@InStyle_Tanya Cute kids on front row at #toddlynn – is this the new accessory? #lfw

@andrew_greening Everyone is dressed this morning like they are doing the walk of shame, Then I saw the lanyard on their necks saying #lfw

@bumpkinbetty Overheard at front of queue for David Koma… 1 guy, 6 ppl entourage “Have you got a ticket?” “No, but I’ve got a blog!” Hmm… #LFW

One of my favourite quotes as my friends always make fun of me getting stuff for free because of my blog. Nice try though.

@TeleFashion Overheard at Holly Fulton – Security: ‘There’s no more room for photographers.’ PR: ‘There’s ALWAYS room for photographers.’ #lfw

Maybe they could make them sit on the floor..? 🙂

@PoppyD Best overheard at any #LFW ever…tiny elderly couple walking past the ‘street stylers’ at Somerset House – “We fought wars for this.”

@modelrecommends Overheard at #lfw: “Ohmygod, imagine a life WITHOUT fashion? Like, if you lived in somewhere like….Wolverhampton.”


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