Another Year Older

Joxeux Anniversaire, joyeux anniversaire. When your birthday is three days before Christmas, you really look forward to that time (or not as you start getting older…). I love being born in December although I have no idea why. I haven’t quite figured out the merits of this month yet. Maybe it’s because it’s the cosiest time of the year and family time all around?
I designed my own birthday cake this year and it took me almost half a year to know what kind of cake I wanted. I thought chic, designer, girly, glitter, but in the end it turned out to be black and white stripes, red roses and my name on a heart. Two tiers of deliciousness, consisting of cherry and chocolate and baked apple vanilla. I celebrated in a villa near where I live, which made it possible for my guests who came from far away to sleep here for a night in one of the lovely rooms.
The best surprise was that a friend from Wales came all the way from Cardiff to Germany. I hadn’t known before that she’d be there and was so happy to see her!


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