The Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery



2 months ago, in October, Becky of tweeted about the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibition and asked fellow bloggers to join her for a day of fun at the gallery and a little blogger get-together. So on Saturday 27th, I met with Becky and Kristabel to see the Chanel exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. One of many exhibitions I visited in October (Tim Walker Storyteller, V&A Hollywood Costume..).

I didn’t know that one piece of clothing can be worn with and create so many different styles. The little black jacket is as versatile, chic and classy as its creator Coco Chanel. Timeless and iconic. The photos were all taken by Karl Lagerfeld and feature well-known faces (Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Allen, Elle Fanning, Clémence Poésy and Alexa Chung, to name a few) as well as well-known backs (yes, Anna Wintour has got be the one of the only women in the world almost everyone can recognise from behind; it’s the hair!). Unfortunately the exhibition closed earlier this month, but I took a few pictures for you to look at and enjoy.









The last three photos are my favourites. xx


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