My Top 20 Favourite Bloggers

I discover and read a lot of new blogs every week, but there are only a few blogs that I read every day- the ones I reeeeally enjoy due to a number of reasons. I love to see pretty pictures, outfit posts, hotel and restaurant reviews, afternoon tea posts and what other people’s weeks and months were like. Here is a list of those few blogs that I really love.

Number 1: WishWishWish

Carrie, the Outfit Post Queen! I adore her style (and hairdos)!

Number 2: Thecherryblossomgirl

Another great outfit blogger! She gets invited to a lot of ah-mazing events and spends a lot of time in Asia.

Number 3: Seaofshoes

Although she’s really famous in the blogosphere, I discovered her blog only a few weeks ago – and immediately fell in love. She’s got some of the BEST pictures and her red hair is gorgeous!

Number 4: Libertylondongirl

The very first blog I ever read (when Sasha still lived in NYC). Sasha has the loveliest little dog and she travels a LOT (even more than I do!).

Number 5: The Wild Fleur

All the things I love on one blog! Also the cutest blog I’ve ever seen.

Number 6: Boymeetsfashion

Fashion, fashion, fashion! Jaime blogs about all the fashion events in and around London. He loves bow ties (as do I!).

Number 7: DearestDeer

A new blog by a girl with great taste in fashion and beautiful pictures.

Number 8: AGirlAStyle

A life between fashion and politics. Lots of eye candy on Briony’s blog: Mulberry, Lulu Guinness, Chanel and fashion week posts.

Number 9: Teatimeinwonderland

A blog about everything London – events, art galleries etc. Plus great afternoon tea and restaurant reviews!

Number 10: NotJustAnotherMilla

Another afternoon tea and restaurant reviewer. The best food pictures – I get really hungry reading Milla’s blog.

Number 11: Fashionpearlsofwisdom

If you love Vivienne Westwood, this is the blog for you! Not only does Pearl share a name with Dame Vivienne, she also seems to share her wardrobe.

Number 12: Shinythoughts

Lucy lives with Carrie in London, has launched Wish magazine with her and is part of the ‘Take 10’ bloggers.

Number 13: DonnaCoulling

Celebrity PA, QVC knitwear presenter, mum of a 6-year-old and runs her own seminars. Donna blogs about hotels, restaurants and her life as a Celeb PA.

Number 14: Delightfully Tacky

Wonderfully bonkers girl with amazingly weird taste in fashion (which I love!).

Number 15: The Pineneedle Collective

Pink hair, socks in heels, vintage clothes. She’s got the best dresses and vintage fashion. I’d love to have her wardrobe!

Number 16: Keikolynn

A very beautiful girl who does fantastic outfit and style posts – almost always with her glasses!

Number 17: Secret PA

A very funny and really interesting blog by a Personal Assistant to two music event directors – ‘Pepper’ and ‘Scarlet’. I love her posts!

Number 18: Rocknrollbride

I met her at the Wedding Show exactly a year ago. She’s the best wedding blogger!

Number 19: Misspandora

Her blog posts definitely have got style! She gets inspired by old portraits.

Number 20: worrierprincess

I met her this summer and she’s a really lovely girl. She blogs about various events in London, beauty and fashion.


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