A Day on Hampstead Heath


In August, my friend Jo and I went to the Heath in Hampstead to do a little photoshoot. Actually we wanted to try and find the Pergola – the perfect background for a fashion shoot – , but that proved to be almost impossible as it started to rain and we realised the Pergola was at the other end of the Heath. We went to the fun fair, had a little picnic (with Charbonnel et Walker truffles) and took pictures of the Viaduct pond. We also tried to hide from people to take photos of ourselves..


10 thoughts on “A Day on Hampstead Heath

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  2. Can you show me how to get here? I’m in London for one more month then back to Scotland for 6 weeks…. Would like to go before I leave.

    • Do you know where Hampstead Heath station is? The two ponds next to it. Right opposite the Fun Fair (though I don’t know if that’s still open). S End St./E Heath St. I hope this helped a bit. 😉 xx

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