A Very Touristy London Photo Diary – Part 1

This is a very touristy take on London. If you weren’t born in London, maybe you can still remember the first time you were there. Standing on the left side on your way to the tube and getting pushed out of the way by Londoners who are in a rush; thinking Camden market is the best shopping place ever…until that ‘real leather’ bag you bought there a week ago falls apart; aaahing and oohing at everything on Bond Street and in Harrods; getting the wrong tube because you haven’t quite figured out the tube system yet – and being too scared to take the bus because the bus system is even worse; thinking ‘Oh look, it’s a black cab/red bus/red phone box!’ every time you see one. Those are some of the (embarrassing) experiences I had on my first time in London. Now I rarely do tourist things when I’m there and I had the feeling I’m missing out on something, so I decided I’d play tourist in London for a week. Which is what I did…

The first thing on the programme was The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels. The weather was awful that day and I lost my dear Lulu Guinness umbrella (RIP umbrella). It was still really interesting, I love British history! They showed the coronation ceremony of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. and I have to admit, I did have a little tear in my eye. The crown jewels were simply spectacular!

What did I tell you about the weather…? It looks sunny, but that impression is deceptive!

On I went along the Thames to St Paul’s Cathedral. I’ve seen it about a hundred times, but never from the inside. And what a view you can get from the top! It was truly breathtaking.

And gone was the first day of my sightseeing week.

The 2nd day, Wednesday, began with a little private sightseeing tour on a small bus which was also quite interesting, but a bit boring as they didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know yet. I also met Colin Firth, Prince Harry, the Queen, David Cameron and Amy Winehouse that day…in Madame Tussauds, of course! What I loved most about Madame Tussauds was the 4D cinema – very funny!

In the evening I saw Mamma Mia, the musical. 2nd best musical I’ve seen in London (after Sweeney Todd)! Let’s just put it this way: Stalls H12, 3rd row, right in front of the stage!! The best seat I ever had. Well, for 64 pounds.. Anyway, I looooooooooove Abba so much! My all time favourite song’s ‘Dancing Queen’ by the way. I got chills when ‘Donna’ sang ‘The Winner Takes It All’! Tears, I tell you, lots of tears. At the end everyone was dancing to ‘Dancing Queen’. It was so much fun! And the Novello Theatre is beautiful.

There’ll be ‘A Very Touristy London Photo Diary – Part 2’ on the blog soon! xx



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