My Old Dutch: Milkshakes and Pancakes

After my last blog posts about My Old Dutch in April and June, they contacted me on Twitter, asking if I’d like to come by and review some of their new milkshakes and some pancakes. Of course I said yes! So, last Tuesday I stopped by at their Kensington restaurant for lunch.

I had a butter scotch pancake with strawberries, blueberries, cream and maple syrup and one of their Reese milkshakes, which was both simply delicious. I loved the fruits and cream that came with the butter scotch pancake. The blueberries and strawberries, and even the cream, added a certain freshness and lightness to the pancakes with maple syrup. The milkshake was really amazing too. It’s great to explore new milkshake flavours and I’ve suggested they could do a rose-flavoured milkshake. I’d love to try that!

The only bad thing about it was that after the milkshake and the pancakes, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I would’ve loved to try more of their food and drinks! They have all kinds of pancakes you can imagine, savoury and sweet, and also lite option pancakes and glutenfree pancakes (pre-order), but also desserts, and drinks from fruit beers and fresh orange juice to Nutella milkshakes. And if you don’t have time to eat there, they have a take away menu too! So, if you’re in Kensington, Chelsea or Holborn, come by and try one of those delicious pancakes!


One thought on “My Old Dutch: Milkshakes and Pancakes

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