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Lady Pink & Blue – Hair Chalking

Have you tried hair chalking? It’s a really good option to (temporarily) get beautifully coloured hair without dying it. Don’t know how to do it? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Get soft pastel chalks in whatever colour you like (I prefer pink, violet and blue). Don’t use normal chalk. It won’t work.

2. If you’re blonde, just add the chalk to your hair. Section and twist your hair while doing it. If your hair is darker, make your hair wet before adding the chalk (do so by sectioning your hair and use a water spray bottle to make it wet). Don’t wet your hair if you’re blonde or have fair hair, or maybe it’ll become permanently pink/red/green/coloured!

3. Try to wear something old while chalking your hair. There’ll be a lot of chalk dust…everywhere!

4. Afterwards, just brush the chalk out of your hair or, if that doesn’t work, wash it out.

Simple as that. The colour lasted a day in my hair, but it’s quite dark. It looked fabulous!


I See Polka Dots – Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama at Selfridges

The first thought I had when I saw the windows at Selfridges, was whether I should just scream: “I see dots! There are dots! Everywhere dots!” Better not, I decided. Weirdly enough, I was wearing a dotted skirt that day and people were already looking at me. I should’ve been a part of the window design!

Anyway, the 24 window design – the biggest ever at Selfridges – and the concept store have been taken over by the Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton collection, which will be available until 19th October. The concept store reminds me of the forest in Alice in Wonderland so much, I started looking for the smoking caterpillar! Very inspiring, very artistic and very very…dotted.

Giveaway: Lulu Guinness Union Jack Foldaway Lips Tote

Yes, it is GIVEAWAY time! After the lucky winner of the Swarovski crystal giveaway, Aminah, was chosen, I already started looking for a new giveaway prize, and what would be better than something from the lovely Lulu Guinness? It’s a GREAT year for BRITAIN, with the Diamond Jubilee, the Paralympics and Olympics. One of the giveaways this year simply had to be British themed. Lulu Guinness, without a second thought my favourite accessories designer, has added this uber fantastic Union Jack Lips Shopper to her Best of British collection earlier this year, and it’s a must-have.

So, in order to celebrate this great British year, I’m giving away this cute lips shopper to one lucky follower. It looks like a mini lips clutch and it’s almost painful to give it to someone else, since I’d love to keep it myself.

All you have to do is: Follow my blog on bloglovin’ or via email and/or follow me on Twitter (@SarahBogott) and leave me a comment below. The winner will be chosen and contacted by me, so don’t forget to give me an option to contact you!

My Old Dutch: Milkshakes and Pancakes

After my last blog posts about My Old Dutch in April and June, they contacted me on Twitter, asking if I’d like to come by and review some of their new milkshakes and some pancakes. Of course I said yes! So, last Tuesday I stopped by at their Kensington restaurant for lunch.

I had a butter scotch pancake with strawberries, blueberries, cream and maple syrup and one of their Reese milkshakes, which was both simply delicious. I loved the fruits and cream that came with the butter scotch pancake. The blueberries and strawberries, and even the cream, added a certain freshness and lightness to the pancakes with maple syrup. The milkshake was really amazing too. It’s great to explore new milkshake flavours and I’ve suggested they could do a rose-flavoured milkshake. I’d love to try that!

The only bad thing about it was that after the milkshake and the pancakes, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I would’ve loved to try more of their food and drinks! They have all kinds of pancakes you can imagine, savoury and sweet, and also lite option pancakes and glutenfree pancakes (pre-order), but also desserts, and drinks from fruit beers and fresh orange juice to Nutella milkshakes. And if you don’t have time to eat there, they have a take away menu too! So, if you’re in Kensington, Chelsea or Holborn, come by and try one of those delicious pancakes!