The Masquerade Ball

I’ve always dreamed of going to a ball. In the books I read, there were princesses and elves and fairies, all able to go to beautiful balls. Even witches had – bizarre – balls, but they were balls. I’m much older now, but my dreams never ceased. I still want to attend a ball, and I will one day! Until then, I have two wonderful masks handmade in Venice. I’ve found masquerade balls to be particularly interesting and very magical, grotesque as they may be. I have this vision of a mysterious young man in a dark suit, hiding behind his mask, dancing with me. There is this whole mystery about masked balls. You don’t see who you’re talking to, don’t see who you’re dancing with or kissing.. Masquerade balls must’ve been fantastic about 200 or 300 years ago, and I’m very sad they almost don’t exist anymore nowadays.

There is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe (whom I adore!) about a masquerade ball, called “The Masque of the Red Death”. I’ve used some lines of this story in my pictures.

“…the masqueraders. Be sure they were grotesque. There were much glare and glitter and piquancy and phantasm — much of what has been since seen in “Hernani.” There were arabesque figures with unsuited limbs and appointments. There were delirious fancies such as the madman fashions. There was much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust.”

Outfit Details:

Dress: handmade theatre costume

Shoes: Louis Vuitton

Masks: handmade in Venice


2 thoughts on “The Masquerade Ball

    • Yes, it’s a Canon DSLR camera. A Canon EOS 1100D, which is a great camera. I just need to get a 50mm lens now to take even prettier photos. I’m using a 18-55mm lens at the moment. xx

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