Wish Magazine – Everything You Could Wish For

A few months ago, in May, Carrie of wishwishwish.net told us a secret which had taken up a lot of her time during her last months at University. She and her ‘partner in crime’, Lucy of shinythoughts.com, had created a magazine. A magazine which is nostalgic, vintagey, stylish, dreamy, childish, creative, beautiful, British, timeless, lovely, exciting, and truly everything you could wish for in a magazine – Wish Magazine! I instantly pre-ordered a copy, which arrived yesterday after they had a few problems with the printing company at Wish house.

The 86 page magazine is full of breathtaking photos, vintage style clothes, shoes and accessories worn by beautiful models, lovingly drawn illustrations and calligraphy, a summer playlist, secrets by people from all over the world, a career quiz, a style section, a list of afternoon tea places you should try out, a poster, baking and a wonderful article about pen pals (…”about a time when chatting to a friend didn’t involve pressing ‘Enter'”). You simply cannot NOT love this magazine! As Carrie wrote in her Editor’s letter: “Wish allows space for dreaming, without bombarding you with advertising, unattainable price tags or unachievable body shapes. A true collaboration from girls across the universe sharing what they love best.” It’s not one of those magazines you can buy everywhere. It’s unique and full of love, made for ‘Early Grannies’ and people who don’t want to grow up.

Get a copy, a cup of tea and do nothing but reading this magazine for 3 hours while sipping tea..which is what I did. xx


7 thoughts on “Wish Magazine – Everything You Could Wish For

  1. aww Sarah thank you! What an absolutely perfect review of the mag, we couldn’t wish for more!
    You’ve made it look so beautiful and look at all those tags! hehe

    Lots of love and wishes!! xxx

    • Thanks, Lucy! I haven’t made it look beautiful though, that was you! 😉 And such a perfect magazine deserves a perfect review. I’m so glad I bought it. I’m going to keep it forever! xx

  2. I have to agree! The BEST magazine I’ve ever read.
    The prints and illustrations are gorgeous and even the ‘buy things’ pages which I usually hate in magazines) are things that I’d actually LOVE to buy. The stationary pages!?! I mean, how many magazines for young adult women do you find with stationary pages?!
    So good.

    • Haha, yes! I love every single page of this magazine! And the cuteness adds to it being the most interesting (both visually and content-wise) magazine I’ve read. It’s so much better than all those fashion and celebrity mags! xx

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