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Of Flowers and Ice Cream Cones


Outfit Details: 

Dress: Camden Market

Shoes: Laura Mode – Osco

Necklace: Cyberdog Camden

Fascinator: Accessorize

Guess where I went shopping…?

Carrier bags: Lulu Guinness and Vivienne Westwood


Versailles – Le Roi Soleil et La Reine Dépensière

‘A TOUTES LES GLOIRES DE LA FRANCE.’ – To all the glories of France. And glorious it is, the grande Château de Versailles. Should you ever be in Paris, don’t miss the chance to see this beautiful palace only 30 minutes away from it! It screams splendour, pomposity and grandiosity. The golden gate invites you to walk on the tracks of Louis XVI, King of France and Marie Antoinette. The jardins du Versailles are not what we usually call a ‘garden’. It’s not even a park anymore! It’s more of one of the most beautiful … I don’t know what it is! There isn’t a word for it, and you know what I mean if you’ve been there. The Galerie des Glaces and the Petit Trianon are also something you simply mustn’t miss!

Above are some pictures of the golden entrance gate. Below  is a photo of me goofing around… 

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – The World Celebrates

Last weekend (Monday and Tuesday included in the United Kingdom as it was a Bank Holiday) the world was celebrating Her Majesty, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Of course it was mostly the Brits celebrating, but some people – like me – joined in on the fun, had their own Jubilee parties at home and watched the celebrations on TV, although they were in other countries.

I decorated our living room with Union Jack bunting, a miniature Clock Tower/Big Ben, my Lulu Guinness lips clutch and several other ‘Union Jacks’. I also invited some friends over for afternoon tea. It was nothing compared to the celebrations in London and all over Britain, but it was my way of showing how much I love the British Monarchy and Queenie, and it was so much fun. The celebrations in London were stunning! I’ve never seen anything like it. The concert in front of Buckingham Palace was my favourite part. I teared up at least a million times. I loved how Prince Charles called the Queen ‘mummy’ and told her how much she means to him. This was such a cute gesture! You could feel how proud Britain is of his Queen and I hope I can also soon say that I’m proud to be British (I feel so much more connected with Britain than Germany).

A lot of my London friends watched the River Pageant on big screens at street parties or tried to get a good spot to watch the Royals on the Thames.

I asked some people what makes them proud to be British and here are some of the answers I got:

“Us Brits have a great sense of humour I think. No other country has that. And of course the monarchy! Though a lot of people are unhappy with the monarchy I think it’s something to be proud of.”

“I like the mentality of British people.”

“I’m not British, but I love to live here (London). It’s true, the British are indeed very polite, which I love. People in my country don’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ half as often.”

A Day In London

In this post I’ll describe what the perfect day in London is for me. Opinions differ, of course, and everyone has an individual idea of a ‘perfect day in London’. I got the idea for this blog post last April, when my parents visited London for the very first time. It was one of the most stressful weekends I ever had! We had exactly two days and they wanted to see everything. We went from Finchley to Hampstead to Belsize Park to Camden to Central London, Sloane Square, Westminster, up and down Oxford Street, to the Tower, Shakespeare’s Globe etc etc etc. After I had (barely) survived that weekend, I realised that probably a lot of people make the mistake to stay in London for only one weekend. This is crazy, especially if they’re here for the first time! There are way too many things to see and two days aren’t enough. I called what we did ‘extreme sightseeing’. What’s so extreme about it? Well, go ahead and try to show your friends, parents or whoever almost all the sights in London, but please don’t forget to post pictures of the blisters on your and their feet!

My perfect day would start with a morning in Hampstead. I’d have breakfast (Brioche French Toast!) at Giraffe on Rosslyn Hill (opens at 7.30am), and would then walk to Primrose Hill in the southeast or Hampstead Heath in the north to watch the sunrise over London.

Afterwards I’d go to Camden vintage shopping and looking at all the cute shabby chic things they sell at the market; maybe I’d also try some Asian food and cupcakes.

Photo by turquoisegrrrl

In the afternoon I would take the tube to Central London (Northern line from Camden Town station to Leicester Square, Piccadilly line from Leicester Square to Green Park and then the Jubilee line to Westminster) to do a little sightseeing tour and see the most famous sights in London: The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Number 10 (Downing Street) and the Horse Guards Parade. They’re not far away from the tube station, but it’s up to you which of the sights you’d like to see.

Then I’d take the Circle or District line to Sloane Square to have lunch at my favourite pancake house, My Old Dutch, and – if your budget allows it – to go (designer) shopping (either that or Oxford Street..and don’t forget Harrods!!).

In the evening I’d take the tube to the Tower Bridge (London Bridge or Tower Hill station) to watch the sunset. Something which I can’t miss on my perfect London day is a musical! I can recommend Legally Blonde, which I saw last October and which I loooooved. It’s at the Savoy Theatre, so that would be my next stop.

In the late evening/ night I would have some cocktails in the Aqua Spirit Bar on Regents Street (roof terrace!).

Photo by 

Of course there are millions of other things I love to do in London, but since it’s ‘A Day in London’ post, I can’t include all of them.

I wish everyone a Happy Jubilee weekend!