Red Classic Cambridge Satchel

I would lie if I said I needed a new bag, with over 20 lovely eye candy bags patiently waiting in my room to be used. But when I saw this great vintage style bag I simply couldn’t resist (wait, I have said that before about other bags…). Not only does it have a great ‘vintage red’ colour, but my initials in gold letters on it as well! It arrived at my house Tuesday morning, thanks to FedEx, and I’ve used it every day since then. I already got a lot of compliments on it and a friend of me even wanted to buy it from me. Well, she’ll have to order her own bag, because this cute bag is mine! I’ll make sure to take it with me when I go to its ‘birthplace’ Cambridge this summer. Cambridge satchels have been featured on many great blogs, like Fashionista, The Cherry Blossom Girl and, most recently, Style on The Couch.

Outfit Details

Dress: Hollister  Boneyard Beach Dress with white underskirt

Shoes: Ballet flats

Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company

Ring: 18k gold with tiny pearl


17 thoughts on “Red Classic Cambridge Satchel

    • Thank you for the comment! I do already use it all the time, hehe. It’s a great bag, looks very vintage and you can fit a lot in there as it’s 15”. I really really love it. And I love personalised stuff, so of course I had it embossed. 😉 xx

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  2. Hello . Very nice pictures you have there and your bag is very cute . Do you experienced any colour transfer on your clothes or items in your bag ? I’m planning to buy red batchel but afraid of colour transferring to clothes .

    • Hi Ida, thanks for the comment.
      There are a few tiny red stains on my clothes from time to time, yes. But not on items in the bag. They’re not bad though, you can barely see them and they disappear as soon as you wash the clothes. I can definitely recommend this satchel! 😉

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