7 thoughts on “The Sweet World of Ladurée Macarons

  1. I love macaroons but my hips don’t! My son made some rhubarb flavoured ones for the Englishman’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and they were just delicious. He said to make them took a whole day and his girlfriend said the kitchen looked as if he’d made some experiments in there (he studied chemistry at uni). I’m just glad it wasn’t me who had to clean up after him… :-/

    • Ha ha ha, oh yes, it can take quite some time to make macarons. And you can’t really touch them or they’ll be falling to pieces, so it indeed feels a bit like an experiment to make them! 😉 xx

  2. Now you’ve found this piece of heaven you will be drawn to it forever more!so glad I happened to read this post while happily situated across from ladure Burlington arcade!!!

  3. Ladurée is my absolute favourite patisserie and the macarons are the best. However, I refuse to eat them in London. For me, this is my Parisian treat 🙂

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