Lulu Guinness – Burlington Arcade store & AW12

I had an appointment with Tiffany, the Burlington Arcade store manager, last Wednesday and she showed me around the shop, showed me the beautiful bags from the current collection and gave me a look book of the Cruise 2011 collection and the SS12 collection. The store has 4 floors, all of them full of amazing bags, collectables, purses and sunglasses. There also is a kind of meeting area on the upper floor where I could spot some ‘new in’ pink cases from Lulu’s luggage collection. As you may have noticed by now (chrm, chrm), I’m a big Lulu fan, so every time I enter one of her shops, my heart is melting and I can feel my purse begin to shake inside my bag. This time I was especially excited, because I was going to buy a lips clutch. It’s Lulu’s signature bag and if you love her bags and designs as much as I do, you simply have to get one!

The Burlington Arcade Store

 I also spotted this which is so cute! Have tea with style.

SS12 collection

AW12 collection

Lulu’s AW12 collections is named ‘Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover’ and was inspired by Audrey Hepburn as well as the many vintage book shops on Charing Cross Road. The collection is very book and library themed, which I love! I love books and libraries and love to escape into a different world by reading. The collection seems perfect to me! The AW12 collectable is the stack of books with Lulu’s favourite sayings and quotes. She also created the book bags in various colours like shocking pink with titles like ‘Dare To Be Different’ (my favourite!) and the Librarian Doll Face. Haircalf, snakeskin, leather and butter soft Italian nappa are the collections key fabrics and black, red and pink (my 3 favourite colours!) are the colours which appear most often in the collection. The collection is unique, luxurious and simply perfect!


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