Vintage camera

If I’d known what was hidden on my attic, I’d have spent some time up there ages ago! From old jewellery to this amazing camera, everything was up there! I own a little digital camera which is okay, but it doesn’t really take very good photos. A Polaroid or Canon is my dream, but I think they’re a bit too expensive..for cameras; it would probably take me a few centuries (yes, centuries!) to figure out how I’m supposed to use it and if I want to buy lenses for effects, I’ll go broke. I was so glad when I found this camera last week! It’s a pretty old Praktica camera which needs film, but makes amazing photos!

The pictures above were taken with my digital camera, not the Praktica, because I haven’t had the film developed yet. But the camera is shown in the pictures as I was strolling through the town and had it around my neck. It was a heavy necklace, I can tell you!


3 thoughts on “Vintage camera

  1. I’ve got two vintage Prakticas and I love them! I haven’t quite got the hang of taken a decent picture with them yet, but I’ve had a couple of happy accidents that came out really nice. And I can’t afford a decent (or any rubbish come to think of it) digital camera either!

    • I haven’t had the film developed yet, so I don’t really know whether the pictures turned out fine. I really hope so though, because even having the film developed is a bit too expensive to have one with 36 black photos…lol! Why oh why do cameras/lenses/everything to do with photography have to be so expensive? xx

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