Butterfly, Fly Away

I like to think that it’s almost spring again, with flowers (and love) awakening, a mix of beautiful pastels and pale shades of pink, red, blue and green, and the first butterflies of the year. In spring, I like to sit by a lake or in a park and listen to music. I imagine spring in the Jardin du Château de Versailles to be a wonderful experience, now and back in the time of Marie Antoinette. I went there in May, but it was very hot, like summer, so most of the flowers didn’t look very beautiful anymore. However, I don’t need to go as far as Versailles to see a beautiful garden full of the prettiest butterflies. I have one only 2 hours away from me which is open the whole year, even in winter. My friend loves butterflies and she has a conservatory with lots of exotic ones.


2 thoughts on “Butterfly, Fly Away

  1. G’Day! Sarahbogott,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Have you ever wondered why sometimes nature looks so mystic? That is because we do not watch it closely. While a part of the world’s population is blasting with the cacophony of global business, a great section sits quietly, drinking the pleasant sap of nature’s inspirational beauty. Butterfly watching (or simply butterflying) is a hobby that is gaining its popularity day by day. Just as there for bird watchers, there are clubs, associations and even festivals devoted to the activity of butterflying.
    Nice One!

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