First Giveaway: Clock necklace & Ballerina pendant

So, the time has come for the first giveaway on this blog. Actually I didn’t want to do a giveaway before April, but London Fashion Week, all the fantastic clothes, shoes and jewellery have put me in such a good mood that I’ve decided to do one now. The giveaway includes a vintage necklace with a clock pendant you can open and which will treasure everything you’ll put in there, and a beautiful silver glitter ballerina pendant (both bought at Camden Market, London). I think the clock necklace is perfect for everyone who’s seen ‘Hugo (Cabret)’ in cinema.

To enter the giveaway: Please follow this blog and/or my Twitter account (@SarahBogott) and leave a comment below!

The winner will be chosen and contacted by me.


16 thoughts on “First Giveaway: Clock necklace & Ballerina pendant

  1. Wow! These are both so beautiful. I love the vintage look of the clock locket, it just evokes mystery, like something you’d find in a secret garden – very Alice in Wonderland! The ballerina is so wintery, reminds me of watching Matthew Bourne at Christmas.


  2. These are both so enchanting! I’m so glad that the magic of jewellery never seems to wear off. Whenever I see something that I love I feel like a little girl rummaging through my Nana’s jewellery box. So glad a friend re-tweeted your blog 🙂 xoxo

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