Recipe: Pink Vanilla Macarons

What you need:

Egg white of 3 eggs, sugar, salt, ground almonds, powdered sugar, butter, food colouring, vanilla sugar, vanilla flavour

You start by sifting the powdered sugar and the ground almonds and mix them together. Stir the egg white and add a pinch of salt and about 30g of sugar. Then whip the egg white until it’s almost stiff.

Now gently fold the powdered sugar/almond mixture in until it’s a thick mixture and add the vanilla flavour and the food colouring (I chose red food colouring which makes the macarons look pink).

Pipe the mixture (with a piping bag) in circles onto the baking trays with baking paper. Don’t make the circles too big! Leave them to dry for about an hour. Then put the baking trays in the oven and let it bake at 140 degrees for 15 mins.

Leave them to cool down and put them in a closable box for 24 hours.

For the buttercream, you have to mix soft butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, red food colouring and some vanilla flavour together, put it between the two macaron halves and place one on top of the other.

And…you have 20 cute pink vanilla macarons!


5 thoughts on “Recipe: Pink Vanilla Macarons

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