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Vintage camera

If I’d known what was hidden on my attic, I’d have spent some time up there ages ago! From old jewellery to this amazing camera, everything was up there! I own a little digital camera which is okay, but it doesn’t really take very good photos. A Polaroid or Canon is my dream, but I think they’re a bit too expensive..for cameras; it would probably take me a few centuries (yes, centuries!) to figure out how I’m supposed to use it and if I want to buy lenses for effects, I’ll go broke. I was so glad when I found this camera last week! It’s a pretty old Praktica camera which needs film, but makes amazing photos!

The pictures above were taken with my digital camera, not the Praktica, because I haven’t had the film developed yet. But the camera is shown in the pictures as I was strolling through the town and had it around my neck. It was a heavy necklace, I can tell you!


Overheard at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is over now (insert sad face here), but I still have to laugh at the things that were overheard at the shows. Yeah, we understand the fashion world isn’t always glamorous, say no more…

‘Can I go in front of you I have a show that starts in 5mins’ #ModelLies (@missjourdandunn) My usual excuse at the supermarket…

Overheard re #LFW “Somerset House was full of bloggers photographing bloggers asking for photos in return. THE most horrific circle jerk.” (@nikthakkar) I thought this is what Fashion Week is about.. 🙂

‘If this outfit doesn’t get me on a street style blog, I give up.’ (theplatform on youtube) See, I KNEW this is what Fashion Week is about!

‘She said she wears Versace. It was Versace for H&M!’ Oh dear, how COULD she?!…

‘Those shoes are killing me!’ I share her pain. But flat shoes at Fashion Week? Oh god, no!

‘Oh my god, you got two phones!’ ‘It’s just for Fashion Week.’ (theplatform on youtube) I have two phones…not for Fashion Week.

‘This dress looks gorgeous on me! How much is it?’ #modeltalk  #modelaftershow You can afford it, dear, believe me.

Just overheard v exciting fashion chat btwn Jonathan Saunders & @StarworksGroup re how late he can make Anna wait. 10 mins apparently #lfw  (@Pat_McNulty)

Overheard at Nicole Farhi:”whos that tall woman front row with the bad nose job who thinks everyone should know who she is?” #lfw  (@ScotsmanCurrent) Yeah, those people are clearly annoying..

Overheard from an angry girlfriend:”You bought me dinner and flowers, not a fucking YSL Arty ring!” #LFW” (@Osman_Ahmed_) 

Overheard at #LFW “I thought everyone would be more botox-ed”  (@SarahRHarrison) Oh sorry, but Botox is sooooo 2011!

Overheard. Fashionista: “2 skinny lattes”. Waiter: “we only have whole milk”. Fashionista. *stamps foot* “I CAN’T DRINK WHOLE MILK!” #LFW  (@HannahRochell)

Overheard in costa before Clements, ‘Sometimes I just wish I could sit on the 4th row. Front row is really hard work’ #FASHIONWOES #LFW (@RachelHaworth)

Forgot to tweet this before, but overheard at LFW/Somerset House “Fabric is the new print” (Barely restrained myself from snorting loudly) (@Libertylndngirl)

Chanel Love…Letters

“Chanel – the new language of love!”

I’m quite sad I only just discovered this great page by Chanel MakeUp Confidential. It would’ve been a nice surprise for Valentine’s Day. You can type a message and the letters will be written in Chanel makeup. You have up to 140 characters (was Twitter involved here somehow?) and when you’ve finished your message, you can send it to your special someone and as many friends as you want. I’ve tried it and it’s addictive! Here’s a message I created:

‘Very French’ Tote Bags

Yes, I am obsessed with bags. Yes, I do love designing them. The only problem is that I don’t have a sewing machine..yet, so the bags featured in the photos are handmade. Each one took about two weeks, but I didn’t work on them every day. My next project is a dress for spring, with lace and flower pattern. I’ll definitely buy a sewing machine before that though!

I designed the checked bag already two years ago. It was my first self-designed bag and I still have it. The other (purple) one is one I only recently made, for a friends birthday. I have a new idea on my mind which I’ll try soon. If anyone wants a bag designed for them, just let me know!

Butterfly, Fly Away

I like to think that it’s almost spring again, with flowers (and love) awakening, a mix of beautiful pastels and pale shades of pink, red, blue and green, and the first butterflies of the year. In spring, I like to sit by a lake or in a park and listen to music. I imagine spring in the Jardin du Château de Versailles to be a wonderful experience, now and back in the time of Marie Antoinette. I went there in May, but it was very hot, like summer, so most of the flowers didn’t look very beautiful anymore. However, I don’t need to go as far as Versailles to see a beautiful garden full of the prettiest butterflies. I have one only 2 hours away from me which is open the whole year, even in winter. My friend loves butterflies and she has a conservatory with lots of exotic ones.

Mulberry – A/W12 London Fashion Week

Mulberry had the most amazing Front Row at London Fashion Week so far, with stars like Mulberry muse Lana Del Rey, Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen, Billy Nighy and many many more. American Vogue editor-in-chief, the woman herself, Anna Wintour, also was there to see the ‘monsters’ walking down the catwalk. The show and A/W12 collection of Mulberry apparently was inspired by ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, the book by Maurice Sendak. 2 huge monster statues were watching the show, stood left and right of the catwalk. The models wore long-haired coats, skirts, jackets and – very amusing – a long-haired dog joined the models on the catwalk. My favourite AW12 Mulberry bag is featured below; it reminds me a bit of Chanel.

DAKS – A/W 12 London Fashion Week

The DAKS A/W 12 collection show took place in Somerset House today, on the 2nd day of London Fashion Week. The collection by designer Sheila McKain-Waid combines modern and traditional fashion while concentrating on British elegance and heritage. Models in ostentatious checked tweed coats were walking down the runway and a cocoon-like coat with two different shades of red formed a contrast to the white, ivory, check and black.

DAKS is celebrating 50 years of being a Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty – and with the collection radiating modernity and a fresh look as well as a British sense of luxury I can already see Kate Middleton in one of these amazing checked cocoon coats.