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Christmas presents

Christmas stress already had to make way for the annual post-Christmas depression for me. Not even sale shopping can cheer me up now, which means that it has to be really serious as shopping is something I never say no to. The new year also is only a day away and I didn’t even think of any resolutions for 2012, though I’m pretty sure I don’t have to because at the moment I’m very happy with my life and myself. So, all that’s left of this years Christmas – beside the twenty boxes of chocolate in my fridge and the leftovers from the family Christmas meal – are the presents. Here are some of mine:

I got some really great products from Lush this year, as well as other bubbly bath and beauty products. The Sweetie Pie shower jelly makes you smell sweet and definitely is fun in the shower because it indeed has the consistency of jelly. ‘It started with a kiss’ lip tint colours you lips in an intensive red which tastes a bit like baked apple. The lip scrub contains jojoba oil and sugar and is supposed to soften your lips, though I have to admit I use it all the time, even when my lips are as soft as they can be, because it just tastes too good, ha!

I also got this amazing painting of Venice which will be hung up in my living room…

…and this very cute cupcake pen.