A week full of cupcakes, Musicals and Lulu Guinness

However, the Luxury Wedding Show wasn’t the only event that sweetened my last week. On Thursday I finally got around to taking the tube to Sloane Square, walking up Sloane Street and turning into Ellis Street to stop (shopaholic amen) at the Lulu Guinness store. The staff was lovely as always and made waiting very pleasant while they wrapped up my shiny new Cameo print tote and Cameo umbrella. Seriously, I would’ve loved to buy the whole store right then and there (like every single time I go there). Ah well, the bag and umbrella are great too…

In the evening of the same day there was another pleasant appointment waiting for me, just 2 tube stations away in West Hampstead: Cupcakes! The lovely Karine of Oh La La Bakery was kind enough to accept all my special wishes. Sorry for being such a difficult customer! Ha ha. We had a nice little chat while I watched her baking me some delicious chocolate/raspberry and lemon cupcakes. Very nice baker and yummy homemade cupcakes for a very good price : I can only recommend Oh La La Bakery! I’ll soon order some more cupcakes (nom, nom, nom).

On Friday I went to see Legally Blonde, the Musical at the Savoy Theatre with a friend. We arrived there a bit late (..again; I’m late quite often I just noticed!) and the show had already started, but they showed us to a room with a screen where we could watch what was happening on stage before we were shown to our seats. We sat in the upper circle and I really don’t understand why the seats up there are less expensive than the ones in the Dress Circle. The Musical was very enjoyable, with great costumes little girls probably would kill for. 


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