Hotel review – BioSeehotel Germany

The weather’s been fantastic for the past few weeks and after saying “This is the last time we can sit outside and enjoy the sun/have a BBQ”, at least 5 times I really thought there wouldn’t be autumn this year. Last week, however (was it last week or already the week before?), the weather changed its mind and I thought if I travel southwards I could enjoy the sun for a bit longer. I decided for a weekend stay at a hotel in South Germany. Not quite as southwards as I would’ve liked, but near a lake and very quiet – perfect. But – as weather really hates me – it rained throughout the whole weekend. I really didn’t mind though as I didn’t have time to go outside anyway. I checked in on Friday and didn’t expect the room to be anything else than average…but it was one of the best hotel rooms I stayed at yet: a large bed, an extra room for clothes, a room with a dressing table, a minibar and – best of all – a panoramic window with lake view. 

As I learned the hotel’s usually used for meetings and conferences which meant: few children, very quiet hotel. The food also was great. I ate the best scrambled eggs there and things I never ate before (like white almond cream). Everything was perfect: the service (I once forgot my room card in the hotel room and immediately got a new one without any fuss although I’m sure I was at least the 10th person that day who asked for a new one), the fitness room, the swimming pool, the 2 bars and the restaurant. The only problem I had was the internet connection. It took me half an hour or more every time I wanted to connect my laptop to the internet. I ended up on the couch in the hotel hallway (along with several other people who had the same problem) where the connection was best.


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