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My favourite necklaces

This one’s from Vivienne Westwood. I got it earlier this year at the World’s End store.

I bought this necklace at Ellis Street at the Lulu Guinness store, also earlier this year.


This one is a heirloom which I inherited from my granny. It’s gold, but I didn’t find out yet what it’s worth.


I got this one at Camden Stables market.

And the key… I love the key necklace. The key to my heart. 😉


Purple dress – the Bridesmaids Dream

My next project will be a purple (gathered) silk dress. I originally intended to make it look a bit like Carrie Bradshaws Vivienne Westwood wedding dress (photo by

But unfortunately I’m not able to do the triangle neckline and I don’t want to copy the unique Mrs Westwood. I tried several options and decided this would look best:

Fashion sketches

I’m currently a bit obsessed with fashion sketches. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t done anything creative in a while or because I’m currently really into fashion and designing (Fashion week et all?). Over the last 4 days I worked on these 3 sketches (the Chanel shoe one’s my favourite by the way).

Scarlett Johansson for Moet & Chandon:

‘Seen-Sucht’ (German Vogue August issue):

Wedding cake pendant

I thought a little wedding cake pendant would somehow be fitting, given the fact that I’ll be visting a wedding show in Chelsea next month. Unfortunately the pendant didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to, but it nevertheless looks lovely. Probably I’ll even wear it to the show (or probably not…).

Bubble Tea

Last time I went to Berlin (in July) I was introduced to Bubble Tea and quickly became addicted. I can’t even tell you why I like that drink so much. It’s just the whole idea of the tiny fruit bubbles in tea which is so appealing to me. Of course I was delighted when I found out there aren’t only Bubble Tea stores in Berlin, but also in London. As Bubble Tea originally was invented in Taiwan I found myself heading to Soho almost every day of my 2 weeks off in July to try out Bubbleology’s (Rupert Street) variety of Bubble Teas. They have milk teas (my favourite’s cocoa pearl tea) and fruit teas and a selection of ‘Bobas’ (bubbles) and flavoured jelly (consistency of gummi bears).