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5 countries in 17 hours

17 hours, 5 countries, one car, 5 suitcases – that’s what I call vacation (not). The journey started at midnight and I went through Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia before I finally arrived in Poreč, a little Croatian town which would be my home for the following 2 weeks. I stopped in Austria for a quick breakfast (I ate ‘Kaiserschmarrn’ with Cranberry sauce) and later in Italy for lunch (spaghetti alla Carbonara). Rain and heavy clouds were our constant companions until…boom! The sky cleared, all clouds gone, 30 degrees. Italy! Wasn’t long until I could see the sea and lots of little boats.

The Alps:

What awaited me in Poreč was beyond my dreams: an amazing pastel villa, 2 bedrooms (with a huge canopy bed and, most importantly, A/C), an en-suite bathroom, a kitchen, a living room with flatscreen TV, a balcony and a garden in which kiwis and figs were growing on trees. Sounds a bit like paradise, doesn’t it? Well, it was. Even at 10 in the evening it was at least 25 degrees so the A/C was on full power all time.

I spent most of the time on the beach, playing tennis, reading, diving and eating. The Mediterranean cuisine is not just food, it’s an experience. And I’m not talking about pizza and spaghetti. I mean mussels, calamari, lobster and langouste. I can assure you that it’s very strange when your food’s got eyes, tentacles and claws…but an experience nevertheless.

On one day I even saw Jon Bon Jovi on his yacht. My little inner Madam Paparazzi had to take pictures of course.

A street artist drew me and he did an amazing job (he better had, because I payed 80€ for it!).

On August 18th I went to Venice on a yacht. It was the highlight of my vacation. I went eating in Café Florian (the lovely café on Piazza San Marco with live piano music and an espresso for 6€ which is about £5).

I went back home on Friday evening and arrived there at 2pm on Saturday.