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Paris – May 8th to 13th

We had planned this trip for quite a while I have to admit. The last time I had been in Paris was, well, let’s say ‘a while ago’. 11 years to be exact. I had nearly no memory of it anymore which made me all the more excited. I know that when I was little it was my dream to move to Paris (or was it Disneyland?), but now I prefer London to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing city and holidays can be very enjoyable there when your hotel is situated in a good quarter (arrondissement), not far away from all the sights and stores. Even if not, there’s still the métro or the ‘Taxi Parisien’. I don’t know why, but I think the London underground is way more relaxing than the métro in Paris. And although I have seen homeless people in the London underground stations, it’s more or less an exception while in Paris it seems to be quite normal that you nearly trip over a homeless person every time you get out of the métro train. All in all it was a nice trip though. My friends enjoyed it too.

The Paris trip in pictures (and words):

On Monday we went to Montmartre, the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur and Place du Tertre (where artists like Picasso used to live and where you can still find a lot of street artists).

What was the most annoying thing there were the african guys approaching you. One of them even groped my friend! Glad there was police around.

It took us only an hour or 2 to walk through Montmartre and we still had some time left till we were able to move into our hotel room, so we decided to view the Eiffel Tower (I didn’t know then exactly how often I’d see it during this one week..).

We even went on top of the Eiffel Tower – at sunset. Which was the best idea we had, because it was absolutely fantastic; the view you had over Paris was breathtaking.


Parisienne chic…

Important event at Jardin du Luxembourg

Napoleon’s tomb

Notre Dame the Paris

Centre Pompidou

Bateaux-mouche at the Seine in the sunset

Eiffel Tower at night


Parc de Versailles

Château de Versailles


Mona Lisa

Wedding at the hill of Chaillot near Eiffel Tower

Thursday (our last day in Paris) we went to the Champs-Élysées again – and were welcomed by about 30 muscular, half-naked guys (Abercrombie&Fitch models). Uhuh, I liked it…

Arc de Triomphe

Coca Cola museum

Karl Lagerfeld coke (big and small)

Eiffel Tower