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The Royal Wedding 2011

The Royal wedding will most definitely go down in history as one of the most glamorous and touching moments in British history.
I got up at 7.30 this morning after I woke up last night at 4am and thought I had missed the wedding (was quite a shock!). And I can say it was worth getting up that early, and it was also worth every single tear I shed. I loved everything about that wedding: the wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton, the atmosphere, the guests, the hats, the carriage; absolutely everything. The junior bridesmaids were so cute!
I also had a little discussion with some people on facebook who were ‘bored’ by my excited comments about the wedding (I made only 2 comments about the wedding on facebook so that’s really not something to complain about). Anyway, I told them I think that this wedding brings together a lot of British people and makes them proud of their country. And I think this community spirit is something very beautiful. Everyone else I talked to or whose tweets I read, was very excited and even felt patriotic and slightly in panic when the ring didn’t want to fit on Kate Middletons – excuse me, on Her Royal Highness, Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge’s finger…

This is me, royally “dressed up”:

The junior bridesmaids:

The Queen:

This is unbelievably cute!


Easter time

The way I spent my long Easter weekend: eating and walking through the park. The weather was fantastic, as if someone had turned on the sun days before to get us into the right mood, and fortunately it lasted throughout the whole weekend.

Actually my long ‘weekend’ already started Thursday afternoon, with the belated after show party of the last musical I played in. About 30 out of 100 actors turned up (well, the last show was over a year ago) and we just sat, talked with the director again, ate chips and snacks and took a trip down memory lane.

On Saturday I went to the park and spent over 4 hours there. I took my unfinished manuscript with me and even managed to write a few lines while sitting on the lake. It was a welcome change, writing while sitting outside instead of sitting in Starbucks or at home. But I noticed that somehow I’m more productive when there aren’t hundreds of people and dogs all around me that distract me from writing. However it was a really nice day.

Sunday was the culinary highlight of my Easter weekend. I went to a themed restaurant where you could choose in which ‘world’ you want to sit. Morocco, Tibet, underwater world and Brazil are only a few of them. I chose Seychelles, which turned out to be a very good decision. The atmosphere/ambience was simply stunning. There was a little fountain behind us and our table stood on wooden beams with water underneath it. I was afraid I would somehow end up in the water that evening – it’d have taken only one wrong step after all. The food was delicious; unusual, but delicious. Someone on the table next to me ordered gnu fillet. I had ‘Moroccan tartlet’ with hummus dip and mango fruit chutney, banana soup with bamboo shoots and as dessert cocos crème brûlée with banana fritters and sesame ice cream. It was a great experience (and I managed to stay dry).

In the park: