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International letters

I get a lot of letters and parcels from people all over the world during the year and have to admit that (almost) every time I open the postbox and find a letter addressed to me, I squeal like a child at Christmas. Ever since I had my first penpal I’ve kept all my personal letters safe in a little secret box. Here are some letters/parcels I’ve received during the years (only SOME).




Sri Lanka:








It’s London time

I came back from London on Monday last week after I stayed a week at my friends apartment in Swiss Cottage. It’s been exciting and fantastic as always. To be true I really can’t await the day I pack all my stuff and move there into a lovely little apartment in Hampstead…or maybe a 4-bedroomed mansion would also do. Haha.

My friend Anne and I arrived in London on February 16th after having endured all Ryanair guidelines (I guess I’m one of very few people who can live with a carry-on item with the dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm for a week…). After another 2 hour bus drive the 2 of us were warmly welcomed by my London friend and we went to her flat (by taking our luggage through half of Swiss Cottage at night).

On Thursday my London friend had to go to work again, so Anne and I were left on our own. As Anne hadn’t been to London before, I decided to do some typical tourist thing with her: sightseeing. Thanks god for the Jubilee Line, we went from the Swiss Cottage tube station to Westminster to London Bridge to North Greenwich and back to Westminster to find something eatable (I decided for Tesco sushi in the end and we sat down at Trafalgar Square only to be attacked by some aggressive pigeons minutes later…). All in all it was a fun day, although we spent more time at the tube than anywhere else I guess. But as long as you always get a seat, that’s okay.

The following day we went shopping to Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Kurt Geiger, Hamleys… etc with my London friend, her friend C. and C.’s 1-year-old son, who is incredibly cute by the way!

On Saturday my London friend had a surprise for me…a photoshoot! But not just any photoshoot. A Victorian era themed photoshoot with the most amazing dresses and jewellery and the best champagne! What a surprise, I totally love her for that! After the photoshoot, which was at the History Studios in Knightsbridge, we went straight to Harrods with its fantastic Food Hall, the Shoe Salon (I practically had to pull my friend away from a pair of Alexander McQueen boots…or was it D&G? Can’t remember. …Maybe because I had to pull her away from pretty much every pair of shoes they had!) and so on. We also went to Lulu Guinness that day and although I didn’t even intend to spend any money in there, I knew I’d buy something there as soon as we entered the store. The staff was nice, but I always feel a tad too observed in designer stores. Don’t know, I’m rather the quiet ‘leave-me-alone’ shopper…  Anyways, I bought the Black Mirror Mini Frame Purse ~Don’t Forget to Powder Your Nose~. It’s so unique and lovely, I adore Lulu for her perfect ideas.

My London friend also wanted to pop in to the Vivienne Westwood store on King’s Road. We both bought necklaces there, she bought one which looked like a duck…although later we figured out it’s in fact a little bird, not a duck.

Sunday was my last ‘real’ day in London since we took the 1.15pm plane back home on Monday. My London friend decided to take me and Anne on a little tour through Hampstead and Camden and to be true, I still can’t choose which one I like more. Hampstead’s very much like a village, very quiet and lovely looking. And some of the stores and restaurants there are really amazing. Try Yogurtry’s frozen yogurt! I had natural frozen yogurt with caramel topping there, Anne had strawberries. Soooo yummy! Hampstead is the place you’d love to move to, but Camden…Camden is just wow…like really WOW! Every time I’m there I get all excited, no matter how often I’ve seen the dresses and jewellery and everything before. It’s just simply fantastic there, although I wouldn’t like to live there anywhere near Camden market. Way too many people every day, too noisy and too…weird. But on the other hand, I love all things weird…