Archive | February 2011

Sarah’s Favourite Perfume

My favourite perfume is – without any 2nd thought – ‘Black XS for her’ by Paco Rabanne (a Franco-Spanish fashion designer who conquered the fashion world in the 1960s). It already starts with the perfume packing and bottle which was the reason why I 1st sniffed it in the perfume department. I had to choose between hundreds of perfumes and this one just really catched my eye. Sometimes I think the bottle is even more exquisite than the perfume itself. Really amazing! The smell is…well, it just can’t be described in words if you ask me. It’s addicting! As soon as I bought the perfume I found myself smelling at the bottle pretty much every day. …That sounds freaky, doesn‘t it? Well, anyway, if you haven’t bought that perfume yet or at least sniffed at the bottle, you absolutely should!