Archive | January 2011

Alice In Wonderland Teacup Pendant

Alice in Wonderland inspired teacup pendant. Completely made of polymer clay.  ‘Tea, please!’


Starbucks Coffee Pendant

A polymer clay Starbucks coffee pendant. It wasn’t originally my own idea, I watched a tutorial for this on youtube. I like Starbucks (actually love it! Their Caramel Frappuccino’s…mmmmh!) and I simply HAD to create a Starbucks necklace/bracelet pendant. And this one was really easy. I just formed the cup, printed out the ‘Starbucks Coffee’ sign and glued it on the cup. That pretty much was all I had to do. And it’s a lovely little accessory!

Apple core necklace

I’ve never heard of an ‘apple core’ used as jewellery before. I first saw one on the website, a huge site for all things vintage and handmade. And I have to thank the person who first had this crazy, but lovely idea, because really…who hasn’t had this sort of strange idea of wearing fruits as jewellery before, may it be in the form of cherry earrings or apple core necklaces? I, at least, did. Why not live your craziness? “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality” after all (quote by Tim Burton, director).

Anyway, the ‘apple core’ is made of white polymer clay and I added a ribbon and a key plus lock. I coloured it with acrylic gloss lacquer.

‘Strange heart’ Tote Bag

The idea really sprang to my mind. I started off  sewing a quite basic tote bag (checked pattern). It was the very 1st bag I designed and created and even on the sewing machine it took me a while to finish it. It wasn’t exactly easy either. But somehow I finished it and thought it looked still a bit lame. So I began to make little fabric brooches (with buttons and some other things on them). It looked a lot more interesting afterwards, but still not interesting enough for me! I decided to iron on a heart (checked pattern, of course) et voilà, it was finished! The ‘Strange Heart Tote Bag’.